Alisson Becker: Keeper, Scorer, Playmaker and Savior

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Not many keepers in the world get a mention at the end of almost every game. However, the Liverpool custodian Alisson Becker has been a revelation between the sticks this season.

Alisson Becker has been a Liverpool player since 2018. He was bought because of Jurgen Klopp’s interest and Michael Edwards’ keen eyes. Prior to his move to Anfield, the Brazilian keeper showed promise in the Serie A while playing for Roma. While his performances there were beyond imaginary, his performances caught the attention of not only Klopp but the other managers in the world as well.

However, Jurgen Klopp (in particular) gained interest in Becker after his side lost to the Italian side 4-2 in the 2nd Leg of the Champions League Semi-finals, in 2018. The Brazilian was in the thick of the action that night, but Roma lost 7-6 on the aggregate failing to qualify for the finals.

Meanwhile, the Reds lost to Madrid in the Final of the same season, courtesy of the Karius’ in-famous horror show.

Seeing it as an opportunity for a change of players within the squad, Jurgen Klopp, alongside his team of scouts, bought the likes of Naby Keita, Fabinho and Alisson Becker. Hence, the summer of 2018 is termed to be one of the best transfer windows of the Reds’ history, if not ‘the best’. And also one of the last, busy-ish transfer window before Klopp’s Liverpool dream came through.

In his debut season at Anfield, Alisson showed why he is one of the best keepers in the world

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While teams were busy prepping to face Liverpool, as they usually did. No one paid heed towards their new signing in Alisson, none at all. Games flashed by, and the Brazilian just kept showing how good he can get between the sticks – Saves after saves, protecting and shielding that Liverpool goal. 2018/19, a debut season for the Brazilian GK in the PL?! Didn’t seem to be as one!

Alisson kept 21 clean sheets in 38 League games that season, letting past just 22 goals in total. Yes! You are thinking correctly. He won the accolade for the cleanest sheets kept, as well. But, it just does not stop there! Does it?

Alisson rose to prominence! He was one of the most feared keepers to play against, that season. Not just in the Premier League, but even, in The Reds’ memorable European campaign, in the 2018/19 Champions League campaign. From the infamous save against Napoli, in the group stage, to take Liverpool through to the knockout stage. To a series of mind-blowing saves in a single game against Messi’s Barca, that saw a 3 goal lead of the 1st leg crumble into nothing in the 2nd leg, at Anfield.

No matter who you support, the footballing world unitedly became Red that particular night- in one of the most memorable nights in the history of Champions League football. And, Alisson Becker was one of the unsung heroes.

That overall campaign he had with Liverpool, from the 2nd position in the League to the Champions League title, earned the Brazilian several personal accolades of his own. He was named as The Best FIFA Goalkeeper (in 2019) & was also the recipient of the inaugural Yashin Trophy.

“It’s Alisson, OH! Unbelievable…”

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In the subsequent season, Alisson lifted yet some more trophies in the Liverpool shirt. Firstly, the Club World Cup in the December of 2019. Then one of the most wanted trophies, for any Liverpool player – The Premier League trophy of the 2019/20 season.

If you are a Liverpool fan, you know the feeling of your team winning it after 30 years. But, imagine it from Alisson’s perspective- just winning in his 2nd season of trying. However, the Brazilian missed games aplenty, in the year 2020. While it could not have been foreseen, it was a period where one could say that Klopp and Liverpool missed their No. 1 the most.

Simultaneously, the Reds had some more injuries to deal with as a whole, throughout the 2020/21 campaign. The German coach had to shuffle his players at the back, to a total of 19 defensive pairs — Most by any side, in a single campaign. Despite all that, a little something happened towards the end of the season. A moment of Brazilian magic… No! Not from Bobby Firmino. But, it was their main guy with arguably the safest pair of gloves – Alisson Becker

Liverpool were down under on the boxing day fixture against West Brom – with every passing minute, the hopes were dying and a million of hearts were left beating. Liverpool get a corner in the 95th minute, the match is drawn at one apiece till now.

Even Alisson goes up front for the last corner of the game, and for the last chance to salvage a place in the Champions League next season. Trent takes the corner, it is perfectly set up for someone to rise the highest and guide it into the back of the net. What came next could not have been foretold, or written. The fans, the players, the footballing world goes wild, and the commentators screaming their heart out, “It’s Alisson, OH! Unbelievable!…” As the Liverpool no. 1 guides them to the much needed 3 points on the boxing day. The moment was, indeed, one that he will never forget.

How Alisson Becker has been one of the key figures in Liverpool’s fiery form, this season!

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The Brazilian has shown that he is not finished, just yet! While many were busy taking shots at him for “underperforming”, Alisson has outrageously risen from the shadows of his debut season to come back and haunt the best teams of Europe. Jurgen Klopp has been left speechless by his first choice GK. Alisson, undoubtedly, has been one of the main man in the Reds’ surge to supremacy this season.

From stopping shots, blocking clear chances to providing an assist to his forwards, Alisson has been at it all this season. It will be ignorant for me not to mention the amount of work he has been asked to do, by his defence. To be honest, if it was not for him Klopp’s side would be conceding big time. The amount of time the Liverpool defence have been caught napping, this season, is just outrageous. But, Alisson has bailed them out every single time, to not make it look worse or even shambolic per se.

If Liverpool march on to win the quadruple this season, or even a Treble, I just cannot see why won’t he be getting nominated for the Ballon D’or next year. Hereby nomination I mean, strongly in contention to lifting it. I mean stats are just enough to call it out.

He has kept 21 clean sheets in just 38 games, across all the competitions, this season. Just letting 26 goals past him. Meanwhile, in the Premier League Alisson has been able to keep 16 clean sheets in the 27 games that he has stood between the sticks for the Reds. While, only, letting just 18 goals past and into the back of his net. The clean sheets are a mere stat and do not tell you the quality of the saves made.

It remains to be seen how well will the Brazilian fare in the rest of the season. However, if it remains as it is. Then Alisson Becker is surely the most underrated GK of his time, in all of the aspects.

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