Luka Jovic can come to Chelsea for achieving success

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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Luka Jovic was deeply impressed by the playing of Chelsea in the Europa League Semi-final. He considers the style of quick-continuous passing with enthusiastic mindset of players in the game, resembles his way of playing and therefore he has been attracted towards the English Premier League.

He currently plays for Eintracht Frankfurt, a German club and conjecture is that he can soon leave the club to sign into Chelsea for intense competition and challenge the world’s best players. His greatness is revealed by his performance in the last Bundesliga season as he scored 17 goals and ranked joint-third for the most number of goals in the league.

There’s some sort of certainty that Jovic will drop from his current club because Frankfrut didn’t secure a berth in the upcoming Champions League Trophy as they positioned seventh in Bundesliga League and hopes could have been alive only if they had beaten Chelsea in the Semi-final of Europa League. In addition to it , Premier League is the world’s most recognised Football League and he would be definitely urging to raise the challenge-factor around him to bring out the best of himself.

He said to German publication Die Welt after the Semi-final of Europa League:

“From my experience in the Europa League, I would say that some other leagues in Europe are more suited to me and my way of playing football,” Jovic said.

“In terms of the physique, the Bundesliga is very demanding, but after the games against Chelsea or Inter Milan, I personally had the feeling that I could feel even better in the Premier League or Serie A.”

“The way the teams play there suits me better.”

Jovic has strong confidence in himself and in his game-play. He feels that now he is totally prepared to play in Premier League. Playing against Chelsea left a great impact on him and if Eden Hazard departs form Chelsea, as he no longer wishes to continue, Luka Jovic can be a remarkable replacement for the Blues.

The Serbian forward dreams are high and club like Chelsea, as he demands, can provide a better platform to accomplish his dreams.

He added : “I’m looking forward to seeing my level compared to the best players in the world.”

“One thing is clear: I want to succeed in my career.”

I personally assume that Luka Jovic holds preferential chances of signing at Stamford Bridge due to his immense prowess and optimism on the field as required by Chelsea.

The only hurdle for Chelsea is that they are banned from signing of new players for two consecutive years because of their illegal act over signing foreign player of under 18 years . The trial is still going on , and hence Chelsea’s fate rests upon FIFA Committee who are yet to announce the verdict.

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