Who is Sheffield United’s goalkeeper Simon Moore?

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Even the most cursory glance into a loanee will tell you the benefits of gaining game time. And if the loanee plays way better than his other team players, the last thing as a coach you would want is his parent club to play against yours.

And with the way that Dean Henderson has been playing for Sheffield United, it would be the last thing that they would have wanted. The on loan Manchester United keeper has been a peach for Sheffield and he is one of the reasons for Sheffield being placed 5th of the table.


Henderson has been able to make 5 clean sheets already this season but won’t be able to play against Manchester United on November 24th. The player to replace him will be SIMON MOORE, Sheffield’s second team keeper.

Simon Moore is an English professional who has had the experience of playing big games along with Sheffield United and also with Cardiff City. The 29-year-old goalkeeper has been playing for Sheffield since 2016 and was their preferred keeper before Henderson’s arrival.


Simon Moore is one of the chief constructors of bringing Sheffield in the League too. He was also named in the PFA League One Team of the Year after leading Sheffield United to promotion.

Simon Moore has been more than just an understudy for Sheffield. From the last two years though he has had to be second to loaned Henderson. The obvious choice in place of Henderson, Moore has already played his part in Sheffield’s win in League Cup.


The experience of Moore is on the good side of things. The 29-year-old has tonnes of years of football in him and has been challenged for situations like this. There’s no point for Sheffield to be afraid of because Moore is no less.

The understudy is a beast between the sticks as his compatriot. And if anything, we can expect him to lure up to the task and give his coach a pint to think. Maybe
missing Henderson is a loss but having Moore in his place is no bad than a perfect replacement.

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