Metinho: City Football Group out to secure a deal for the Brazilian termed as the next ‘Paul Pogba’

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City Football Group (CFG) have made a roadmap regarding the future stars in World Football and are planning on acquiring them one by one. While the ultimate goal would be to have them play for Manchester City, these players will go on loan in the first stages and then develop their starry talent at Manchester City. The latest player who has reportedly agreed to a deal with CFG is Metinho. The 17-year-old Brazilian as per Italian journalist Nicolò Schira completed a deal worth £5 million and agreed to join the City Football Group.


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Metinho, who is just 17-years-old, is a Fluminense youth product and last played for their U-17 team. 

The Brazilian is a box-to-box defensive midfielder and is already showcasing a lot of abilities that point towards how big a star he could become in the future. Metinho was a part of The Guardian’s report labelled “Next Generation 2020”, alongside his Fluminense team-mate Kayky, who is also on the radar of Manchester City

Metinho passes the ball around with a lot more than players his age, while the Brazilian’s positioning in the heart of midfield is laudable. The 17-year-old’s vision is far too developed for his age while he doesn’t shy away from lunging into tackles either. 

The main reason, however, why the midfielder is called the next ‘Paul Pogba’ is because of the youngster’s passing range and his brilliant understanding of the game. Like the United midfielder, Metinho can hit long-range passes from deep into his midfield while he can also dribble out of danger and tight spaces. 

Also, Metinho comes from the school of thought which emphasizes the use of technique more than skill. If your technique is right, your basics will always follow suit and make you a solid footballer, which is exactly what Metinho has the potential to become soon. 

Image Credit Instagram metinhoshow8

However, a quality Metinho always had as a kid and continues to have is his supreme work rate. As a defensive midfielder, your work rate is one of the most essential elements of your game and the 17-year-old already has it. However, that does not come as surprise to a lot of people as most Brazilians have that element in their DNA, but it is the people who capitalize on it and use it correctly that make it to the very top in World Football. 

While City Football Group have not made an official announcement regarding the player’s situation, it has been said that that the transfer fee will be £5 million-plus add ons, and Fluminense have reserved a certain percentage of any future sale of the young midfielder. Metinho, like most players of City Football Group, is not expected to join Manchester City straight away and it has been reported that he will move to ES Troyes (another club owned by CFG), a club in the second division of France. 

Talented; Athletic; Team-player- Metinho has the qualities to become a world superstar someday and it would not surprise a lot of people if the Brazilian dons the Manchester City in the near future.

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