What’s Next for Mesut Özil?

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Arsenal star or some might argue a former star, Mesut Özil has been left out of the Premier League squad too after being earlier left out of the Europa League squad. It seems as if the former German international’s career is over at Arsenal and the North London club has decided to move on from their highest earner even though he still has a contract at the club.

Now fans might wonder what’s next for the world champion? For once it seems his return at Arsenal is impossible, it’s not as if Mesut Ozil has been left out of the playing squad for the first time since Arsène Wenger departed.

Unai Emery, who was the successor to the long-serving Frenchman, dropped Ozil on various occasions. However, time and again the German staged a comeback. Primarily, because the Spaniard was unable to show enough willpower to keep the German out of the squad for long and every time it seems that the manager is under some sort of pressure he would call back the mercurial German to ease some pressure off himself. However, Mikel Arteta has shown greater willpower to implement his ideas and make his players adhere to his non-negotiables.

And by the looks of it, Mesut Özil isn’t left with many supporters at the club and the German will most probably have to sit out the season if he’s to remain at Arsenal.

While the European transfer window is now closed, it’s still open in America and Mesut Özil has been linked to a move to the Major Soccer League. While he still would want to play at the highest level once more, he would still have to remain fit if the opportunity arrives and a short-term deal to MLS could just be it.

Irrespective of where he goes next, it seems that he wouldn’t the famous reds and whites of Arsenal ever again.

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