What Ollie Watkins brings to Aston Villa

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By Glenn Fernandes
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Ollie Watkins is the new star on the block and what better way to announce it than to be the top scorer in the championship with 26 goals and 3 assist in 49 games.

I know it’s a little weird to have stats directly thrown at you in such a manner, but these figures speak for themselves, and this is just another one of the dope additions to the Aston Villa team which have certainly made some eye-raising transfers this season.

Ollie is the perfect mixture of qualities required for being a striker. He has excellent speed, clinical finishing and it also really adept at linking up play for his other teammates. He is the brand ambassador of the exciting kind of football that Brentford has showcased this season.

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There is no doubt that the lad is a natural finisher and the fact that he started his career from as a winger shows you what he is capable of. He also won the ‘Championship player of the season’ just in case you still have any doubt about his potential.

Another interesting fact is that this was his breakthrough season and he had only scored 10 goals in the season before that which means that even the coach deserves a little credit for transforming him into such a fierce striker.

As a local lad, he started his career in Exeter and then found his way to Brentford eventually. Another unique thing about Ollie is his ability to find pockets of space in between defences, especially in the final third, which also showcases his superb reading of the game.

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His movement has helped not only him but his entire team to progress and being at the centre of their attacking threat he surely will be missed by the Brentford staff and fans alike. He is also the most expensive striker in championship history with a massive fee of 28 million euros, but at the age of 24, he still has a lot of potential to grow.

If he can keep his head down and put in the work, he can indeed be one for the ages. Aston Villa has made some great signings, and that too from the championship which helps them gel better and the physical style of play in England is certainly not a new thing for them.

With the right direction, this team and player can certainly make a great mark in the Premier League.

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