What happens to Liverpool title due to Coronavirus pandemic?

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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The high-profile Coronavirus has stunned the footballing world apart with cases being registered on big names. The strongest of which is Arsenal’s coach Mikel Arteta being found positive.

The matches have been called-off and football will sleep for weeks now. The impact is intact but what is at stake is the title of Premier League that Liverpool have been yearning for seasons. And when they were about to bring trophy to Anfield, Coronavirus rose into a pandemic.

The matches have been postponed until April which has caused further delay in two games that Liverpool has to win to snatch the title from Manchester City.

Liverpool will not play a single game before the start of April and are not scheduled to be awarded the trophy before 9th May. It is their final home game, atleast until now.


The biggest question however is when will Liverpool be crowned? The pandemic disease is only rising and no speculation can be made on it’s end. The current season can even extend to the summer or maybe further.

Liverpool may find it fair to call an end to this season and taking ­current positions as finishing ones and win the title but this will only be a bane for the teams that are currently fighting relegation and have chances to stay.

There are a lot of variables to take into account. Harsh time for Liverpool? For sure. The Merseyside club could have easily won their next two games with the way they have been playing and to suffer a break is the worst they would have asked for.


But football is smaller than the problem that is rising exponentially. Even if Liverpool are crowned Champions, they will not be allowed to have a title parade which in itself is the essence of a trophy. Liverpool would surely not want a title with no fans to share.

The only way for a parade to happen is the end of Coronavirus which seems unlikely by all means.

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