Transfer talks heat up for Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic

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Chelsea are reportedly looking to offload Mateo Kovacic this summer, as the Croatian midfielder has had a frustrating and underwhelming spell at Stamford Bridge. With just one year remaining on his contract, the club is open to selling him.

Although the Croatian has administered a strong fanbase who love him in Chelsea’s jersey, he does not bode well with Mauricio Pochettino‘s plans of rebuilding the team by targeting players in the final year of their contracts. While Kovacic himself wishes to remain in London, it appears that his time at Stamford Bridge is nearing its end.

Kovacic over the years for Chelsea

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Mateo Kovacic arrived at Chelsea from Real Madrid five years ago, but his impact hasn’t matched the expectations. Although Chelsea supporters hope for him to rediscover his form, his legacy from Madrid has yet to materialize.

Kovacic has a long line of suitors waiting for him in Europe and this seems to be the right time for him to strike the iron rod. He has been a true embodiment of Chelsea’s present performance – inconsistently consistent, shy and timid in performance, our of confidence, yet capable of producing some jaw-dropping moments. When at his best, he is scintillating and unstoppable.

Renowned for his dribbling skills, he doesn’t shy away from entering the opposition’s box and stretching his legs to shoot the ball. Robust in defense, he is an asset capable of handling both sides of the pitch which when coupled with his proactive gameplay can be deadly for opponents. Yet, at Chelsea, he has struggled to fully unlock his potential and establish himself as a key figure in the midfield.

Kovacic’s time at Chelsea has been characterized by a lack of development as a ball-playing midfielder. Despite his relentless work rate and winning the Best Player’s Award in the 2019-20 season, he has only managed 15 assists and 6 goals in 220 appearances for the club. These numbers speak volumes and highlight the story of unfulfilled expectations.

Mateo Kovacic wants to stay – And we know that

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The Croatian has expressed his opinion and love for London publicly and never shyed away to make it evident. “I am five years here already, time flies, and I have been at Chelsea the longest of all the clubs,” he said in April. “I feel really, really at home. There is nothing to not love in London. My family enjoys it, which makes it easier for me. The food is okay, maybe not like Italy or Spain! But London is amazing.

“My son goes to nursery here in London, he enjoys it, the people are so nice. I can only say good things about London and England. We feel really great here.”

In a recent statement, Kovacic reflected on his personal growth, stating, “I learned many lessons, but most of all just to respect all people. How they treated me I can just be thankful, and I tried to treat them the same way they treated me. Just be polite as much as I can, which is not always easy, but be myself.”

“When I see where I have been it’s really amazing. I’m just thankful for the people I have met. It’s been a nice journey.”

While Kovacic has enjoyed popularity among fans and showcased moments of brilliance, it remains to be seen if these factors alone will be enough to secure his future at Chelsea.

What lies ahead for him?

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There is no shortage of suitors vying for the talented midfielder. Man United appears to be the frontrunners, eager to acquire Kovacic and potentially reunite him with his former midfield partner Casemiro. However, they are not the only ones interested in his services.

Both Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel have shown their desire to secure the signature of Kovacic. Meanwhile, Chelsea will be closely monitoring the situation, hoping to secure a lucrative deal that meets their financial expectations. The funds generated from his potential transfer could aid Mauricio Pochettino in implementing his envisioned structural changes at Stamford Bridge. The race for Kovacic’s signature is certainly heating up as the transfer window approaches.

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