TRANSFER BREAKDOWN: Yunus Musah to West Ham United

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West Ham United have reportedly found their “ideal” Declan Rice replacement and ironic as it may sound it is Arsenal Hale End Academy graduate Yunus Musah.

Presently at Valencia, Musah joined the Spanish squad back in 2019 from Arsenal at the tender age of 16. Only 20 now, Musah has already played over 100 games of professional football for the club and 25 National games giving a check on the experience list.

According to Relevo, Valencia are looking to sell the youngster for a fee reigning around €25 million who simultaneously is being looked upon by West Ham.

Despite having an above par season, Valencia is dissatisfied with Yunus Musah’s performance and is prepared to part ways with him. However, this situation may actually benefit the talented American, sparing him from another year with a team that seems to lack progress.

Valencia is also concerned that their underwhelming performance in the upcoming season could diminish Musah’s market value. As a result, they are highly motivated to secure a transfer to one of the Premier League clubs.

Previously, Chelsea and Arsenal displayed interest in Musah following the World Cup in December. However, Valencia had initially rejected any potential departures. Now, with their interest waning, West Ham is emerging as a potential destination and could potentially seal the deal at an opportune moment.

What will Yunus Musah bring onto the table?

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Replacing Declan Rice is not going to be easy at all. Arguably the best defensive midfielder in Premier League, West Ham are looking to secure two midfielders in order to cushion the blow of losing Declan Rice.

Yunus Musah has shown glimpses of dominance on the pitch while playing for the USA. A technically gifted midfielder, Musah is adept in air and winning tackles from behind. His pace gives him an added advantage over the opponent while aiding him in his defensive abilities.

According to WhoScored, Musah on average per game makes 1.5 tackles per game which increases to 2 while playing for his National team. He is also brilliant in layoffs and loves to dribble past the opponents as per his will.

Musah, however, is yet to showcase his attacking talent. The 20-year-old is yet to score a goal in senior football and for a defensive midfielder having played over 130 games of professional football, this stat is hard to digest, both for us and David Moyes.

Musah to West Ham is not perfect but ideal

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Declan Rice has made a name for himself and the captain of West Ham is practically irreplaceable. The North Londoners will have to lower the standards set by Declan Rice and accept Musah with his flaws and fancy him few years with the club.

It is widely acknowledged by the club owners, fans, and the manager that Rice is destined for the Champions League, and keeping him at West Ham would fall short of his own aspirations. The stark contrast in value between Rice and Musah, with the latter being valued at only a fifth of Rice’s worth, highlights the obvious gap between them.

Yunus Musah’s upbringing in English football, particularly in London, gives him an advantage over other potential suitors for Rice. Musah himself would have ideally preferred a return to Arsenal, where he grew up, and has already expressed his desire to come back to the London football scene.

“You never know. I had a great time at Arsenal developing there, I still have friends there, the coaches were great, being an Arsenal player in general is great,” Musah said in November. “I loved playing for Arsenal. I’ve nothing against the club and if one day it turns out to be that it’s time to go back then it’s possible.

“For now, I’m really happy at Valencia and I’m looking forward to carrying this season on in the same way we’re doing now.”

Musah like his predecessor Rice (talking one month down the line already) can make his way to Arsenal if he performs the way he is deemed to and utilises his talent to full potential. A long time ahead though and as of now it’s only good to say that Musah for West Ham will be an ideal deal if not perfect.

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