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Timo Werner will be in Premier League next year


It’s Manchester City/Liverpool or Manchester United for Timo Werner!

After a thumping 3-0 victory in the second leg over Tottenham Hotspur, RB Leipzig winger openly talked about his future where he promised joining Premier League in the next season.

The 24-year-old is going through a prime run of matches having scored 27 goals in 34 matches with 11 assists under his belt. The German forwards seems to be likened by three Premier League giants, all bidding highly for him.

Talking about the same, Werner has hinted on joining either City/Liverpool who already are developed sides and where he’ll have to fight for his place or Manchester United where he will get the opportunity to rise and shine.

“At this time in professional soccer there are two different variations. The first is to be part of a team like Liverpool or Manchester City. They have a good working team. The teams have also great coaches,” Werner told Sky Sports.


“But this is the question: do you want to go to that kind of team, because the situation is already that hard for each member and you want to be a part of it? That’s one point you have to look at.

“The other side are teams which need some big changes, because they just won a few big titles, but they are not able to compete on the highest level anymore. For me Manchester United is one of these teams.”

“So at this point of my career I’m asking myself: do I want to be part of a new team, to build up something new, or do I want to stay at my team and make something great?”

The task that Werner has in hand is not difficult but what he wants is. Any which ways, Premier League is going to be benefitted with one worthy talent joining English football.

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