Time for Harry Maguire to leave Manchester United?

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Summer transfer window is a time when a lot is happening behind the scenes as clubs look to prep for next season and be at a place to compete for the season to follow up but this is also a time when discussions arise about players who may benefit from a move to revitalize their careers. One player who is often named in these conversations is Manchester United defender Harry Maguire…

The question arises whether Harry Maguire should continue his journey with Manchester United – where he still is the club captain or seek first-team football elsewhere in the Premier League.

Opinions about Maguire’s performance are divided; some argue that he has not lived up to expectations since making the move to Old Trafford and has been exposed on numerous occasions while others believe that his struggles can be attributed to a lack of confidence and suggest that a fresh challenge could reignite his career.

Assessing Harry Maguire’s Playing Time & Potential Moves

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This will be the perfect time for me to bring up a stat from last season – Maguire has only started eight out of a possible 33 matches for Manchester United which raises concerns about his standings within ten Hag’s United.

Harry Maguire and where should he be looking to be for that next chapter? there are a limited caliber of clubs he should target & vice-versa. While he may not be able to secure a move to top-tier clubs there are several Premier League teams where he could potentially find a place – teams like Brighton, West Ham, or even Brentford could provide opportunities for Maguire to regain his form and secure regular playing time.

However, one key aspect to consider is the potential pay cut that Maguire might have to take if he moves to a different club. Alternatively, he could follow the path of the legendary Phil Jones and remain at Manchester United collecting his wages without significant playing time. Another intriguing possibility could be a move to Tottenham (as they are looking for central defenders) where he could join forces with a formidable defensive line and compete at the top.

Analyzing Maguire’s Struggles & Playing Styles

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Although Maguire is now 30 years old, it does not mean he is past his prime… one must recognize that he has shown glimpses of his capabilities while playing for England. While it is true that he has had some off-games, his overall performances in the England setup indicate that he can be a solid Premier League center-back.

To understand Maguire’s struggles, it is essential to analyze the systems and styles of play employed by his current and previous clubs:

At Leicester City; the team often sat deeper, relying on his ability to head the ball out of danger and excel in counter-attacking situations. In contrast, Manchester United plays a higher defensive line which exposes Maguire’s lack of pace. This change in playing style has affected his performance and left him vulnerable. Furthermore, it is crucial to assess the support Maguire receives from his teammates. Observers have noted that he lacks assistance from his fellow defenders, which further highlights his vulnerabilities.

While it is difficult to know what happens behind closed doors, the on-field dynamics suggest a lack of cohesion and support for Harry Maguire.

The decision regarding Maguire’s future rests on whether he can find a system that plays to his strengths and offers him the necessary support.

While some Premier League teams could benefit from his services, it remains to be seen if Maguire can reclaim his starting position with the Reds form Manchester. Regular playing time and consistent performances are key factors that will determine his redemption arc.

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