Tammy Abraham concerned about asthmatic father as PL plans return

Abhishek Kumar
By Abhishek Kumar
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Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has revealed that his father suffers from a health condition and he is conscious of the danger COVID-19 poses to his family.

Premier League players could return to training next Tuesday by following the social distancing rules after being tested. However, the plan remains subject to the approval from players, managers and government.

Tammy lives with his family is worried about his asthmatic father.

“The most important thing for me is for everyone to be well and safe, and for things to start opening up. Then, by all means, football can always come back. If it’s safe to do so let’s do it, but if it’s not then we will wait,” Abraham told the Daily Mail.

“My dad has asthma, so if I was to return to the Premier League and, God forbid, I do catch this disease and bring it home it’s the worst thing possible.

“The last thing I need is to catch the virus myself or be in contact with anyone with the virus,” Abraham continued.

“If the Premier League does come back, I don’t know what I’d do but the hotel could be an option; to self-isolate away from my family

“I’ve got my dad’s full support for going back. He just wants me to go back. He’s one of my biggest fans.

“As players, we’ve just got to be patient and wait for the clubs, the Premier League and the Government to come to a decision about whether it’s safe for us to do so. We’ll take it on from there.”

Tammy Abraham also lauded Bundesliga for planning it well.

“Germany have planned it out well,” said Abraham. “The coronavirus has not been as big as it’s been in England. I feel they’re going the right way.”

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