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Todd Cantwell has been one of the few bright spots for an otherwise dull return to the Premier League for Norwich City. The young Englishman has taken the Premier League game like a fish to pond. While he hasn’t been particularly spectacular like a Jack Grealish though he’s made a name for himself at the mecca of football with some quality performances.

Let’s see whether there is enough statistical prowess in his game as his surf celebration.

Tod Cantwell has surprisingly played his most minutes in a single season in this season. It’s worth noting that he has played in the Championship for two years.


The 21-year-old is completing 32 passes per 90 minutes with an accuracy of 79.5%. He’s also covering an impressive 112.3 yards of progressive distance per 90 minutes. His expected assists stats show that he’s underperforming with a margin of 18%, which showcases a lack of finishing costing him assists and Norwich City goals.

Cantwell is also completing 2.39 passes into the final third per 90 minutes, while 0.87 of these passes have been in the penalty area. He’s also successful completing 2.13 dribbles per 90 minutes. While the progressive distance covered by him stands at 140.9 yards per 90 minutes.

Discussing his defensive actions, he is making 1.17 successful tackles per 90 minutes while also applying 22 successful pressures in a match. A combination of both makes it an impressive defensive contribution for an attacking midfielder.

Talking about his goal contribution, he has a total of 8 goal contributions including 2 assists and 6 goals while playing for 4048 minutes. That makes it 0.27 goal contribution per 90 minutes played. Though when you consider that he’s playing in a side which is rock bottom in the Premier League, it’s still a decent contribution from the young man.

Whether or not Norwich city would be able to retain their status of being a Premier League side is still a big if. However, it’s looking more and more probable that Todd Cantwell has his future lying in the English top division.

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