Should Harry Kane join Manchester United? Arguments for and against the move

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Harry Kane’s status at Tottenham Hotspur is set to become the biggest transfer saga of the summer. After consistent underperformance of the team despite Kane’s own world-class displays, the frustration is palpable. Furthermore, the clock is ticking on his contract, which expires next season. With Alan Shearer’s Premier League goal record in his sights, the expectation is that he will remain in England. That only leaves a few options on the table. Manchester City have Erling Haaland, Arsenal and Chelsea are non-starters due to the rivalry, and Liverpool have more pressing needs.

That leaves Manchester United on the table. On paper, it is a move that makes a lot of sense. However, there are a few obstacles in the path which doesn’t make this as straightforward as it seems at first glance.

So, should Harry Kane join Manchester United? Here are the arguments for and against the move-

Why Harry Kane should join Manchester United 

Perfect tactical fit

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Manchester United need a clinical striker who can also be a part of the buildup phase. Harry Kane is a clinical striker who is as good a creator as he is a finisher.

Kane is Premier League-proven, English homegrown with leadership experience, fills a position of urgent need and there is a lack of competition from other clubs for his services. There is no transfer that comes with a guarantee of success but this is as close as it gets.

Even the one small question mark, on his age (he turns 30 soon), can be answered by looking at his playing style. Bursting onto the scene as a forward with an eye for the goal, Kane has never been reliant on his athleticism and raw pace to get his goals.

This has helped him adapt his game brilliantly. He relies on coming deep and finding runners beyond him. Then, he is absolutely clinical when presented with even mildly clear chances. His 30 league goals came from an xG of just 21.5.

In Rashford, Antony, Sancho, and maybe Amad, Kane will also have plenty of runners around him. Harry Kane is a teammate’s dream and his personality and temperament make him a coach’s dream. He is the perfect tactical fit for Manchester United.

Hunger for trophies satiated

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Tottenham last won a trophy in 2008, which was the League Cup. At the time, Harry Kane was a 15-year-old in their academy. Since then, Spurs have gone through their “golden era” where they moved into a new stadium, challenged for the league, played a UCL final, and got recognised as an established member of the “top-six”.

Manchester United have won six trophies since 2014, the era in which they have been in their “lean” phase. The difference is stark. Even when Manchester United have been at their worst in the Premier League era, they’ve still done better than Tottenham. Harry Kane has previously stressed that at the end of their career, players look back at the trophies they won as a team and the prestigious finals they won.

Now with Erik ten Hag at the helm, Man United look like a force on the rise. Manchester United are Harry Kane’s best chance to keep scoring goals in the English league which contending for trophies.

Why Harry Kane shouldn’t join Manchester United

Immortality at Tottenham

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Fans often pile on the players for being “mercenaries” when they look after themselves and switch clubs, either for glory or money. Then, when a Harry Kane comes along and signs a six-year contract which shows belief in the club, he is trolled mercilessly for being naive.

The reality is, if Harry Kane stays at Tottenham, he is going to have an immortal status at the club. He has already beaten Jimmy Greaves’ record of Tottenham’s highest goalscorer and at the rate at which he is going, is a lock to beat PL’s scoring record as well.

He’s the captain, the talisman, and the symbol of the club. He is going to get a statue outside England’s biggest stadium, and effectively lifetime access to the club.

Spending his career at Tottenham would mean Kane will be mentioned in the same breath as legends like Francesco Totti, Paolo Maldini, and Paul Scholes. Furthermore, even one trophy with Tottenham will mean so much more to him than many at another club. Players like Maxwell are some of the most decorated footballers in the world, but the one Serie A title Totti won with his boyhood club AS Roma is still remembered fondly by football purists.

Strained relations: The Daniel Levy factor

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Daniel Levy is arguably the toughest negotiator in modern football. He squeezes interested parties for every last penny and loves to drag deals to the end of the window just to cause panic.

Reports have already started coming in that Daniel Levy is adamant he won’t sell Harry Kane in the summer, especially not to a domestic rival. A price tag of £100 million has been slapped on his head as a hands-off warning.

Therefore, it is more likely than not that if Kane is intent on leaving, he will have to force through a move. It won’t be his first rodeo. He infamously skipped training and gave interviews citing his desire to leave when Manchester City were interested in 2021. Daniel Levy didn’t budge then, and even now, with only a year left on Kane’s contract, looks unlikely to budge now.

If Kane pulls out all the stops to leave, he will strain his relations with the supporters and that too without a guarantee of a move. Manchester United can be easily priced out of a move due to their own FFP concerns.

A legacy created with nearly a decade of service might get tarnished for nothing.

If you were Harry Kane, what would you do? Comment your thoughts down below!

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