Sergio Reguilón & Ben Chilwell: Chelsea’s prime targets compared

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Chelsea’s search for a left-back has been long-delayed and that has been due to various reasons. However, Frank Lampard has made it clear that a new left-back is one of his priorities. And there is understandably no shortage of players who are being linked with Chelsea and one of the many names is Sergio Reguilón. The Real Madrid loanee at Sevilla has just won the Europa League with the Laliga side and is now being looked at various clubs after his consistently impressive performances at Sevilla and Chelsea are one of his admirers.

Ben Chilwell has been seen as Chelsea’s No.1 target at the left-back spot this summer as hence it would be justified if Sergio Reguilón was compared to him.

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Sergio Reguilón has six goal contributions this season, impressive for a left-back, however, he’s matched toe-to-toe by Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell as he has also accounted for six goal contributions this season. The Spaniard has two goals and four assists to his name while Chilwell has three goals and three assists to his name this season.

In terms of their defensive numbers, it is the Real Madrid man who tips Chilwell when it comes to tackles as Reguilón is making 1.8 tackles per game minutes while Chilweel is making 1.6 tackles per game. However, the Leicester City man has 3 combined interceptions and clearances, one interception and 2 clearances per game, while Reguilón has 2.5 interceptions and clearnces per game with 1.4 interceptions and 0.9 clearances per game.

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In terms of passing, Sergio Reguilón is making 47.4 asses per game with an acuiracy of 81.4% while also laying on 1.3 key passes per game, on the other hand, Ben Chilwell is averaging 61.3 passes per game minutes with an accuracy of 78.3% while also providing 1.3 key passes to his teammates per game.

While Ben Chilwell will remain Frank Lampard’s first choice target for the left-back spot, Sergio Reguilón has also made a case for himself in case a transfer for the Englishman isn’t on cards.

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