Sergio Reguilon and why this could be the best high profile transfer this season

Glenn Fernandes
By Glenn Fernandes
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Amidst all the transfer rumours this season being linked with Chelsea this seems to really be a very hot topic for discussion recently. This seems a little out of the box especially because Chelsea have been heavily linked with the likes of Ben Chilwell but the price tag on him was nothing short of crazy.

No offense to him but anything north of $50 million is a really big price especially for a full back. Sergio Reguilon sounds like the perfect backup as he is young (just 23 years old), named in the La Liga team of the year and can provide some much-needed stability to that backline whilst being great in attack.

I guess it has become the norm for all modern day full backs to possess the qualities of a winger but many a times their defensive side goes for a bit of a toss but from what we see in the La Liga it sounds like Chelsea may have well got the bargain of the season.

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To understand why this transfer makes more sense let us take a look at what Lampard is trying to create. He is creating a young squad for the future which has been clearly seen in the way that he has lined up his squad this season. It has also been evident in the transfers that have taken this season.

This seems like the bargain of the season especially since the crazy amounts of money that have been spent for players that have been younger. Sergio played 2500 + minutes in which he recorded 2 Goals and 4 assists but the most admirable thing is that despite his attacking nature he is really solid defensively.

Sergio has plied his trade at Sevilla this season being on loan from Real Madrid and still has a long way and time to improve into a more mature player and who better to do that than the Lampard. He has this great knack of bringing out the best out of his young players and has certainly overperformed with the kind of squad that he was given and the departure of their talisman ‘Eden Hazard’.

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Nobody expected Chelsea to be in the top 4 at the end of the season let alone playing the FA Cup final but this only seems like a launching pad for them as Lampard seems to be a hit with the fans and the board have also showed faith in him by making some big money transfers.

Chelsea and Lampard are certainly onto something and Sergio Reguilon seems like a perfect fit in the jig saw puzzle right now. But only time will tell what will happen!

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