Santiago Gimenez: A potential coup for Tottenham Hotspur

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The transfer rumour mill is in full swing as Tottenham Hotspur sets its sights on Feyenoord’s Mexican sensation, Santiago Gimenez.

According to recent reports, Tottenham Hotspur are reportedly interested in securing the talents of a much sought-after 22-year-old forward, who has garnered significant attention due to his exceptional displays in the Eredivisie.

The present discourse will delve into the most recent advancements concerning Gimenez’s prospective transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, scrutinising the athlete’s qualifications, the driving forces behind the relocation, and the ramifications it could entail for both clubs in question.

Let’s take this opportunity to look into Santiago Gimenez, and his probables to secure a move to Spurs…

Gimenez – taking the Dutch League by storm

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In his inaugural season with Feyenoord, Santiago Gimenez has emerged as a remarkable player, significantly contributing to the team’s championship triumph.

Following his transfer from Cruz Azul to Rotterdam, the youthful striker has exhibited exceptional performance, scoring a total of 15 goals in 31 league matches and an additional five goals in a mere nine Europa League appearances. Gimenez’s remarkable achievements in scoring goals have garnered the interest of talent scouts, rendering him a highly coveted prospect in the realm of European football.

Spurs’ Pursuit of Gimenez

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Despite Feyenoord’s manager, Arne Slot, rejecting interest from Tottenham in favor of signing a new contract, the North London club remains determined to pursue players from the Dutch outfit.

Recent reports indicate that Spurs are monitoring Gimenez closely, along with other English clubs such as Aston Villa, Brentford, and Brighton and Hove Albion. The potential acquisition of Gimenez would not only bolster Spurs’ attacking options but also address the uncertainty surrounding Harry Kane’s future, given the interest from Manchester United and his contract situation.

Gimenez as Harry Kane’s Heir Apparent?

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The allure of Santiago Gimenez lies not only in his remarkable goal-scoring ability but also in his potential to be the heir apparent to Harry Kane.

Given the uncertainty surrounding Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur, Gimenez presents a potential solution for addressing the vacancy created by the departure of the team’s record-breaking top scorer. Reportedly valued at £18 million, Gimenez exhibits comparable attributes to Kane, exhibiting a decisive offensive presence and demonstrating a propensity for scoring goals. The seamless adaptation of the individual in question to European football, coupled with their prior scoring record in Mexico, serves to underscore their potential impact.

Furthermore, in the event that Kane were to persist with the team, the acquisition of a youthful and skilled athlete such as Gimenez would furnish significant competition and present a substitute attacking alternative. The proposed measure could potentially mitigate Tottenham Hotspur’s dependence on Kane and furnish the aforementioned English forward with the requisite reinforcement to sustain his elevated standards of play.

Santiago Gimenez – Scouting Report

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Born on April 18, 2001, in Buenos Aires, Gimenez began his youth career at Cruz Azul, one of Mexico’s top clubs.

In August 2017, he made his senior team debut in the COPA MX competition after quickly progressing through the ranks. Gimenez made his debut in the top-tier Mexican league, LIGA MX, after playing at the youth and senior levels for a couple of years.

During his second season at Cruz Azul, Santiago Gimenez made significant contributions to the team’s success by scoring four goals and providing two assists. Thanks to his efforts, the team was able to secure their ninth league title. In the subsequent season, Cruz Azul’s ranking slipped to seventh, prompting Gimenez to seek fresh opportunities by moving to Feyenoord.

Gimenez was regarded as a proficient target man when he joined Feyenoord. Despite initial doubts, he has exceeded expectations and become the team’s leading scorer, propelling them towards a potential championship. Gimenez is currently the joint fourth-highest scorer in the league with nine goals. In the last seven games, he has scored five goals and provided one assist, showcasing an impressive run of form. In addition, he has achieved the feat of being the second player in Feyenoord’s history to score in six consecutive away games in the league.

Santiago Gimenez’s style of play highlights his determination and active participation in the game. Not only is he a threat in front of the goal, but he also makes valuable contributions to the team’s defence. As per the statistics provided by fbref, he loses only one challenge in every four matches, which showcases his exceptional defensive skills and unwavering determination. In addition, Gimenez is a proficient dribbler who successfully carries the ball into the final third and penalty area. Despite being 1.82 metres tall, he manages to win at least one aerial duel per match.

Gimenez excels in and around the penalty area as a pure striker. He is able to find scoring opportunities due to his effective off-the-ball movement and positioning. Considering that it is his first season in the league, his goal conversion rate of 16% is impressive. Nevertheless, his shooting accuracy could be improved. So far this season, he has missed 12 significant opportunities, placing him fourth in the league for the most missed chances. Despite his weakness, Santiago Gimenez still has time to improve his skills and work on this aspect, which could make him a promising candidate for top clubs in the future.

Considering Gimenez’s recent achievements and potential for further development, any team interested in acquiring him during the upcoming summer transfer window would probably have to pay a significant transfer fee. Feyenoord is aware of the value of their player and the potential for further development in the upcoming season, which could result in a significant increase in his price. Moreover, clubs that are interested in acquiring Santiago Gimenez are aware that he has only played for one season in Europe. If he maintains or improves his performance, he will be more capable of handling the pace of a top-five league.


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The pursuit of Santiago Gimenez represents an exciting prospect for Tottenham Hotspur. The Mexican marksman’s impressive performances for Feyenoord have garnered attention from clubs across Europe, and Spurs are no exception. The potential transfer would not only strengthen the team’s attacking options but also potentially pave the way for a seamless transition should Harry Kane depart.

The allure of Gimenez lies in his exceptional goal-scoring prowess and his ability to mirror Kane’s clinical presence in the final third. Valued at an affordable fee, Gimenez represents a cost-effective investment for Spurs, providing them with a promising young talent capable of making an immediate impact.

While the transfer remains speculative, the potential acquisition of Gimenez by Tottenham Hotspur is certainly one to consider seriously. The move would demonstrate the club’s ambition to compete at the highest level and provide the necessary reinforcements to sustain their pursuit of success.

As the summer transfer window approaches, all eyes will be on Tottenham Hotspur to see if they can secure the services of this rising star and enhance their attacking firepower for the upcoming season.

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