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The Brazilian football league has garnered a reputation for generating outstanding players, despite facing financial constraints. On an annual basis, the nation presents a plethora of exceptionally talented individuals who subsequently ascend to become prominent figures within the realm of sports. Matheus Franca, an attacking midfielder aged 18 hailing from Flamengo, has recently garnered widespread attention as a promising talent emerging from the Brazilian football system.

Moreover, this article will examine the transfer rumours pertaining to his future, as Newcastle United, a Premier League team, has reportedly shown considerable interest in acquiring his talents.

In this article we will delve into Franca’s playing career, his statistical achievements, scouting report, unique qualities, and his potential as a world-class player.

Matheus Franca – Player Profile

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From the moment of his birth on April 1, 2004, in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Matheus Franca de Oliveira displayed an unwavering ardour for the sport of football.

At the tender age of 13, Franca’s exceptional talent was duly noted, and he was invited to join Flamengo – a highly esteemed club in the country. As Franca advanced through different age brackets, his potential became more and more apparent at a rapid pace. In the tradition of celebrated athletes such as Vinicius Jr, he was identified as the upcoming luminary for Flamengo.

On the twelfth of July in the year 2021, Franca was granted the opportunity to make his inaugural appearance on the senior team. This momentous occasion was made possible under the guidance of esteemed coach Jorge Jesus, and the opposing team was none other than Santos. Coinciding with a period of managerial instability at the club, Franca’s ascent was marked by his remarkable rise to prominence.

Throughout his career at Flamengo, he played under the tutelage of seven different managers, a fact that bears testament to his adaptability and resilience. Notwithstanding this, he succeeded in cementing his position as a crucial member of Flamengo’s squad, featuring in 17 league matches during the subsequent campaign, while the team secured a fifth-place finish in the league.

Matheus Franca – Statistical Guide

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Franca’s statistical accomplishments during his short tenure in the senior ranks serve as a testament to his immense potential as a creative mastermind. During his inaugural season as a senior player, he logged a cumulative 24 minutes of playtime, yet regrettably failed to secure any goals or assists. In the following season, Franca proved his value by scoring four goals in 17 league games, while playing for a total of 668 minutes. It is noteworthy that three of the goals were executed by Flamengo while they were either in a tied or losing position against their opponents, resulting in a total of five points for the team.

In three appearances in the Taca Guanabara, Franca also managed to find the net once. Additionally, he made his debut in the Copa Libertadores and registered a goal against Deportes Tolima in the round of 16. In a remarkable display of skill and talent, he left his mark on the prestigious youth tournament, Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior (Copinha), with a stunning performance that included two goals and three assists in a mere two matches.

Matheus Franca – Scouting Report

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With impeccable dribbling and quick foot movement, Franca possesses the quintessential skills that are often associated with talented Brazilian players. Nevertheless, what distinguishes him is his sagacity and astuteness on the pitch, attributes frequently demanded from seasoned athletes. From a young age, Franca has honed his skills in utilising his speed to perfection. He times his runs behind the opposition’s backline with precision, capitalising on gaps and delivering incisive through balls that swiftly advance the ball forward. As a result, his passing ability poses a considerable threat to the opposition, rather than relying solely on dribbling. Furthermore, Franca displays a remarkable level of versatility, demonstrating exceptional skills both when in possession of the ball and when without it.

Franca, the attacking midfielder, strategically employs the inside channel to his advantage. He frequently drifts towards the left wing, only to cut inside and unleash his preferred right foot. Devoid of possession, he deftly navigates towards the flanks, causing the opposing defenders to shift their positions and thereby opening up avenues for his fellow players to capitalise on. Franca’s performance on the pitch is nothing short of impressive. He has been observed to complete 4.62 progressive passes per 90 minutes, a feat that places him among the top one percentile of attacking midfielders and wingers. The finesse with which he delivers crosses into the box and provides crucial passes in the final third is a testament to his versatile playmaking skills. Moreover, Franca boasts an impressive record of 27.69 carries per 90 minutes, placing him among the elite echelon of attacking midfielders and wingers.

Matheus Franca’s unique blend of abilities distinguishes him from his peers in the Brazilian football scene. Unlike many players who play in his position, Franca’s style of play places more emphasis on passing and intelligence rather than relying solely on dribbling and speed to achieve similar results. The facet of his gameplay that distinguishes him from others is indicative of a degree of wisdom that surpasses his age. Franca’s style of play draws comparisons to renowned footballer Kevin De Bruyne, as he seamlessly blends his exceptional passing abilities and tactical acumen with the impressive dribbling and ball-carrying skills that are typically attributed to his contemporaries. The aforementioned qualities render him a consummate midfielder, brimming with potential to ascend to the upper echelon of players in his position on a global scale.

Breath of fresh air

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The ascent of Matheus Franca to Flamengo’s senior squad has invigorated the team and the Brazilian football scene at large. Despite being young, Franca has already made a name for himself as an essential member of the team, exhibiting his ingenuity and adeptness in creating opportunities during gameplay. The player’s on-field displays have proven to be pivotal in Flamengo’s triumphs, particularly in games where the squad encountered obstacles or required a catalyst to shift the momentum in their favour.

The illustrious youth system of Flamengo has been responsible for fostering several exceptional talents such as Joao Gomes and Gabriel Barbosa. The system can now bask in the glory of having nurtured yet another budding star in Franca. The triumph he has achieved stands as a testament to the efficacy of the club’s player development methodologies and scouting endeavours. Moreover, Franca’s ascent underscores the persistent pattern of Brazilian clubs generating remarkable talents despite constrained financial means, further solidifying Brazil’s renown as a breeding ground for burgeoning football prodigies.

Franca’s performances have not only left a lasting impression on Flamengo, but have also captured the attention of football enthusiasts across the globe. Scouts from top European clubs, such as Real Madrid, have been closely monitoring his progress, recognizing his potential to thrive at an elite level. Newcastle United’s expressed interest in acquiring his services is a clear indication of his burgeoning reputation and the widespread confidence in his capacity to make a substantial impact on the international scene.

Matheus Franca’s precocious achievements and youthful status portend a bright and auspicious trajectory for his future endeavours. Given his distinctive set of abilities and adeptness in the domain, there exists the possibility for him to evolve into one of the foremost attacking midfielders on a global scale. As he progresses in his career and hones his skills, it is probable that he will emerge as a more prominent figure for both Flamengo and the Brazilian national team.

Franca exhibits remarkable passing range, cognitive aptitude, and proficiency in generating scoring opportunities, which endows him with the potential to excel in diverse tactical systems. The individual’s adaptability enables them to proficiently perform in various positions and make valuable contributions across multiple areas of the field. The individual’s capacity to adjust to changing circumstances, coupled with their inherent aptitude, establishes a robust basis for ongoing development and achievement.

In order to optimise his capabilities, Franca must sustain his concentration and further enhance his physical and cognitive faculties. The individual in question is likely to encounter obstacles during his journey, such as heightened demands and critical evaluation from both the press and supporters. Nevertheless, given appropriate assistance and direction, he can surmount these challenges and realise his substantial potential.

Matheus Franca – a move to Tyneside on the cards?

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Franca’s outstanding displays have garnered the interest of prominent European clubs, including Newcastle United of the Premier League, who have exhibited considerable interest in securing his talents.

Notwithstanding, the Vice-President of Flamengo, Marcos Braz, has unequivocally affirmed that Franca is not available for purchase. However, in the event that Franca maintains his exceptional level of performance, it is plausible that a transfer to a European club may be imminent. Considering his age and aptitude, he exhibits the capacity to attain the highest level of the sport and achieve the status of an elite athlete.


Matheus Franca’s rise to prominence in Brazilian football is a testament to his exceptional talent, hard work, and the nurturing environment provided by Flamengo. His unique blend of passing ability, intelligence, and dribbling skills sets him apart from his peers and positions him as a future star of the game. As he continues to progress and attract attention from top European clubs, his journey will be closely followed by football enthusiasts worldwide. Matheus Franca represents the next generation of Brazilian footballing prodigies and holds the potential to leave an indelible mark on the global footballing landscape.

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