Scouting Largie Ramazani – Aston Villa targeting rising star in La Liga

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Aston Villa are reportedly one of the clubs that have shown interest in Largie Ramazani from UD Almeria.

The attacker is said to be under the watchful eye of the Villa scouts, as Unai Emery readies himself for his inaugural complete season at the helm of Villa, the club is anticipated to be quite active in the transfer market, possibly in preparation for the upcoming return of European football season at Villa Park.

In 2020, Almeria welcomed Largie Ramazani, a 22-year-old Belgian, to their team following his Manchester United exit. Despite having made only a solitary senior appearance for the Red Devils, he has gone on to amass an impressive tally of 93 appearances for Almeria, during which he has played a pivotal role in the creation of 20 goals. Ramazani’s versatility on the pitch is notable, as he is capable of playing on the left wing, right wing, or even as a centre-forward.

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As per recent reports from Estadio Deportivo, a multitude of clubs hailing from different countries such as England, Belgium, France, Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain, have expressed interest in Almeria’s talented player, Ramazani. These clubs have reached out to both Almeria and Ramazani’s representatives to inquire about his availability. It is believed that Aston Villa have taken the initial stride in their pursuit of Ramazani, as they have dispatched scouts to closely observe his performances. Embedded in the player’s contract lies a release clause of €40 million (£34 million).

Ramazani’s services are in high demand, with multiple clubs vying for his talents. With ample time to improve before reaching his prime, he could prove to be an intriguing attacking option for Villa. In the pursuit of enhancing its team for the forthcoming season, the club is contemplating the acquisition of a skilled and adaptable athlete such as Ramazani.

Last year, Ramazani received high praise from Jacek Kulig, a renowned football talent scout, who bestowed upon him the moniker of “The Mini-Vinicius.”

With a keen eye for detail, he painted a vivid picture of the forward, describing him as “explosive” with lightning-fast pace, exceptional dribbling abilities, and impeccable close control. Ramazani’s performances this season have been lacklustre, garnering an average match rating of 6.31/10 as per WhoScored. Emery’s reputation for nurturing talent precedes him, and it is probable that he will need to employ his expertise to coax the full potential out of Ramazani.

Largie Ramazani – Scouting Report

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Desiderate celebrations have become a thing of grandiloquence among supporters, and so is Largie Ramazani acknowledged for – but he is more than just fancy flips…

In the fiercely competitive realm of football, youthful talents are perpetually surfacing, enthralling spectators with their aptitudes and promise. UD Almeria has been witness to the remarkable displays of Largie Ramazani, a 22-year-old Belgian winger, who has garnered considerable attention in La Liga. Ramazani has exhibited flashes of his immense talent, showcasing electrifying speed, exceptional dribbling skills, and an increasing aptitude for scoring goals.

Ramazani exhibits exceptional proficiency in effortlessly manoeuvring past defenders, which constitutes his most prominent attribute. His rapidity and nimbleness render him a persistent menace on the left flank. Ramazani’s performance in La Liga 2 during the previous season was noteworthy, as he demonstrated an average of 1.7 successful dribbles per 90 minutes and a 62% success rate. This indicates that he was able to consistently surpass his opponents, leading to fouls being committed against his team.

The Belgian’s aptitude for inducing fouls, with an average of 1.7 and 1.3 fouls earned per 90 minutes in the previous and ongoing seasons correspondingly, showcases his potential to impede the opposing team’s defence and create chances for his fellow players.

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Ramazani’s proficiency in scoring goals is apparent, as he managed to net eight times in 25 appearances during the previous season’s second division matches, exhibiting a conversion rate of 10%. The individual’s progress is discernible in the current season of La Liga, as he has already scored two goals from open play, thereby exhibiting a conversion rate of 25%. Significantly, the aforementioned objectives were achieved against formidable adversaries such as Real Madrid and Sevilla, thereby underscoring his competence to deliver outstanding performances at the pinnacle of the sport.

Furthermore, Ramazani has demonstrated ingenuity by generating eight significant opportunities created during the previous season and distributing 1.0 key passes per 90 minutes. The potential for further development is evident in this aspect of his game, although there is room for improvement in his assist statistics.

Although Ramazani possesses certain strengths, there are still areas in which he could enhance his performance. The player’s passing accuracy, which stands at 73%, exhibits room for improvement, particularly in the completion rates for long passes and crosses, which stand at 49% and 19%, respectively, in the second division. This refinement is necessary for the player to be considered for a top-tier club.

Notwithstanding his youth, there exists sufficient opportunity for him to refine his passing skills and achieve greater consistency in his deliveries. Furthermore, it is recommended that Ramazani focuses on minimising the frequency of fouls committed during a game, given that his mean of 1.6 fouls per 90 minutes and seven instances of receiving yellow cards in the previous season suggest a requirement for enhanced self-control and regulation while playing.

Ramazani’s capacity to smoothly adapt to La Liga has been remarkably impressive as well. In his debut performance vs Real Madrid, he exhibited exceptional skills and was frequently comparable to Vinicius Jr (as earlier stated). His adeptness in swiftly changing direction and rapidly accelerating demonstrated to be a formidable obstacle for adversary defensive units to restrict, particularly in situations where the team was transitioning from a defensive to an offensive posture. It is noteworthy that Ramazani was able to score his first goal in a mere six minutes during his introductory match against the current European champions.

Largie Ramazani’s versatility was demonstrated in his subsequent performance against Elche, where he made significant contributions to the team’s success through his dribbling, key passes, shots on target, and defensive efforts. And these are just examples of ample of such performances, here is a YouTube embedded video that demonstrates his impressive displays:

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