Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich, HERE WE GO – What can he bring to the Bavarians?

Talib Haider
By Talib Haider
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Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich is finally a done deal, and it will be officially confirmed in no time! But, is it overall a good move for the Senegalese as well as the German club, alike?!

We will try to analyse Bayern’s tactics and gameplay and will see how Sadio Mane can add to it.

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Nagelsmann can use someone like Mane – to add to the versatility; IF the Bavarians fail to sign a pure No.9 striker

Before we take on the versatility point, let’s make it clear that Bayern are known for the pacey players in their ranks. The likes of Davies, Coman, Sane, Gnabry and even youngsters like Musiala are growing up to be the pace monsters. So, realistically speaking Pace is not why they are signing Mane.

Since the appointment of Julian Nagelsmann, as the head coach, the one peculiar thing that has been observed in the Bayern frontline is the ability to rotate between the positions. It has helped Lewandowski to reach those 40 goals a season mark, with quite an ease- while Sane, and Gnabry have been seen playing in the support role for the talisman. With Lewa’s departure almost done, and Mane’s signing from the English club sealed, this movement between the lines could get a new fling in the system.

We all know that Jurgen Klopp is the master when it comes to playing the gegenpressing system, and Mane has been in the thick of one of the hardcore implementations of that style of play- for more than half a decade. So coming to a German side that is known to counter-press, and then further transitioning it into an all-out attack, the Senegalese could well bring at least another 20+ Goal campaign- and can surely grab the Bundesliga by its chokehold.

Can Sadio Mane manage to conquer the 3 commonly called-for curses for a newcomer?

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Adapting to the new environment, maintaining the same stature as you had in your former club- in short maintaining the consistency, and last but not the least, not to feel homesick! These are the 3 points, or curses, that any newbie has to overcome to at least get his career kicking at his new club. And Sadio Mane is no different!

The main thing is whether the Senegalese can do it or not. But, by the look of the move, it seems as if the signing can help the team as well as the player. Coming from a heavy metal system, and now soon he will be playing under Naglesmann’s stringent system; it is not so dissimilar, but more so similar in a few aspects.

So, for the large part of it, it seems as if Mane might not find it difficult to adapt. And as for the consistency, well it is not something that can be predicted; but barring any injuries, the Senegalese could be expected to produce a decent debut season. As for being homesick, well, if he does feel like done with speaking English or German then he can also converse in his native French, as Bayern have quite a few decent French speakers in the squad- who would surely look to make Mane feel at ease.

To conclude, Mane could prove to be a great signing for the Bavarians owing to the fact that the Lady luck also favours the Senegalese. Adding to it, he can add to that “experience campaigner” element as well- given he is 30-years-old.

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