Why Rob Holding deserves a new contract at Arsenal

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If reports are to be believed then Arsenal are considering giving Rob Holding a new contract as his current deal will have only two years left after the end of the current season. The news has received mixed views from the fans and pundits as some believe that the Englishman isn’t good enough to play for the club while others think it is a smart move by Arsenal to secure his value while the 25-year-old would still be a fantastic squad player for Arsenal if he was to stay at the Emirates. Here we look at three reasons why signing Rob Holding on a new contract isn’t as bad as it seems:

Massive improvements are shown: When Mikel Arteta arrived at Arsenal and started implementing his ideas, Rob Holding was amongst those who weren’t expected to have a bright future under the Spaniard. Arteta wanted to play out from the back when his team built their attack and Holding had never been renowned for his abilities on the ball. However, the former Bolton man has staged an impressive comeback and while his ball-playing abilities aren’t amongst the best in the world, he’s still quite improved a lot and is now much more comfortable on the ball.

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Great squad player: Rob Holding’s time at Arsenal hasn’t been the most successful one with time at Emirates disrupted with injuries constantly. However, he has constantly been a positive influence over the squad and hasn’t thrown any tantrums even when he has been benched at times. Such an attitude is key for a player in Arteta’s Arsenal who has always maintained his non-negotiables as his topmost priority.

Resale value: The easiest benefit to look forward to such a deal is Arsenal securing his resale value in the near future and with the Englishman having his prime years ahead of him, it seems like a smart move.

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