A return to Carrington, Manchester United eager to start training

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By Kobby Lavish
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The whole world has been hit with a global pandenmic, Covid 19, bringing Europe’s major leagues to a stand still as part of the preventive measures to contain or possibly stop the spread of the virus.

England also hardly hit with Covid 19, pushed to hold all sporting and social gathering, leading to an effective lockdown on March 23. Dominic Raab, UK’s Foreign secretary later placed an extension of the lockdown on April 16 until latest by May 7.

Manchester United came up with a personalized training plan for its players to follow while at home to keep them fit and in shape before a return to the pitch.

Kieran McKenna, United’s coach has revealed plans by the club to return to some form of training after the end of the current lockdown period and restrictions on May 7.


During an interview on United’s website, McKenna said “At the moment, we are working towards, touch wood, the lockdown loosening after the next deadline and being able to return to some sort of training.

“We are working to that schedule at the moment but, if we have to push back again, we have got a plan B and plan C already prepared”.

McKenna also expressed his take concerning the completion of the 2019-20 season, where he said he wished that season will be completed as there are chances it could be ended prematurely if the current crisis goes on for a long time without a solution.


“From a personal point of view, and from speaking to the other staff and players, everyone is keen to play and everyone wants to finish the competitions,” he said.

“For us, we are still in a couple of cup competitions with a good shout, and we are still fighting for things in the league as well, so we would like to get it played and that is what everyone is hoping for.

“But, again, everybody is in the same boat – health is the most important thing, we can’t take big risks, we can’t take away resources from other parts of the community that need it more.”

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