Reece James: Upholding the spirit of the game

Glenn Fernandes
By Glenn Fernandes
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Today let us take a look at Reece James, not for the exceptional talent or potential that he possesses but for the fact that he is showing what it means to be a true sportsman both on and off the pitch.

We all have seen the devastating impact that COVID has had on many clubs this season. They have lost players, staff and many small teams are in a financial crunch at this very moment. The bigger clubs who could sustain themselves in such a period used this as a bait to get some of the most significant potential transfers for nominal rates.

While there has been discord and disharmony Reece James has stepped up and decided that he would donate 3000 euros to Wigan Athletic where he played for a brief part of his career. He also urged others to support the club in times of such financial distress.

While we have seen success and a little recognition get to the head of players, it is genuinely great to see someone so young show such compassion towards other clubs.

Many of the young players have been mired in controversies and scandals after just a few successful seasons at the helm, and I sincerely wish that more young and upcoming footballers look at Reece and take inspiration from him.

I know this seems like a huge statement for a 20-year-old, but instances such as these are what define the beauty of football. It makes you believe that there is someone out there looking for you and the most remarkable thing is that it cannot be taught on the field.

The 20-year-old is also kept in high regards by the coach cum legend frank Lampard himself who has been impressed by both his technical ability as well as his work ethic and has even hinted that Reece could play further up the field at a later stage.

Though I never really had any doubt about his ability as a player what gives me the most joy today is his concern for fellow footballers and clubs that have not been able to withstand the shocks of this terrible pandemic.

Everybody is a wonderkid nowadays with a fancy haircut, and a few dribbles but how many can be termed as sportsmen in the true spirit of the word.

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