Rashford renews his contract in Manchester United and has sky-high aspirations

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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Marcus Rashford has renewed his contract at Old Trafford for four year and a further year can be extended. Thus, it means he will be part of Manchester United until at least June, 2023 and that has taken off the burden from both – Rashford as he gets a permanent stay and to Manchester United as they can utilise his potential for longer term in process of rebuilding the team.

Rashford salary has been boosted up to £250000 per week, though lesser from his teammates Paul Pogba and Sanchez but large enough to end up in top list of the club.

Rashford has been an integral part of United. Had it not been by Manchester United, we would not have seen him as a rising-star. The club means the whole nine yards to him and is privileged to wear the jersey of Red Devils.

“Manchester United has been everything in my life since I arrived here at the age of seven. This club has shaped me, both as a player and as a person, so it is such a privilege every time I get the opportunity to wear the shirt,” said Rashford in a club statement.

Rashford has a good understanding with Ole which on the contrary was not with Jose. He gratitude’s the Norwegian coach and his staff to keep him upgraded day by day.

“I want to thank Ole and his staff for everything they have done for me; they are the perfect group of coaches to learn from as I continue my development and look to push on to the next level,” added Rashford.

The 21-year old is very sensitive towards his team and has a deep bond with it. He cannot undertake the failure and therefore endeavors to achieve glory for United. He aspires to bring the success track back on line and to forgo the miserable past years.

“Me being a fan changes the emotional side of it. Say we lose a game, it affects me more than it should because I’m a fan. It hurts every day to see where we are now, [compared] to where we’ve been in the past,” Rashford said. “I use that pain as motivation. It makes me more determined to put the club back where they belong.

“There’s nothing I want more than to see the club winning the Premier League again, winning the Champions League again. Everybody here deserves much, much more than what we’re giving them right now, not only the fans, the club itself. They don’t deserve to be where they are now. As players, we’re the ones who have the opportunity to try and forget about the past five, six years and put the club back on track.”

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