Premier League rival ‘Bernardo Silva’ supports Liverpool to be crowned league Champions

Idowu Oluwashola
By Idowu Oluwashola
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Following a decision by the Premier League, that the current season had been suspended until 4 April 2020 at the earliest, after a number of players and club staff had become ill due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This was extended six days later to 30 April. Liverpool were due to play the Merseyside derby at Goodison on Monday 16th. With Manchester City having just lost to Manchester United in their derby, Liverpool only needed six (6) more points to secure the title.

After having played 29 Premier league games of the season, Liverpool already leads in the Premier league table with 25 points off second place Manchester City. It was beginning to be a matter of when than how Liverpool will be crowned the Premier league champions.

With Liverpool’s unfortunate near miss to the current league champion ‘Manchester City’ last season, which is been regarded as one of the most bizarre incident in football history. Where Liverpool finished second in the 2018–19 season with 97 points, losing only one game: a points record for a non-title winning side.


This season seems to be the moment the whole Liverpool fans have been waiting for, to once again be crowned the league champion, since they’ve last won the trophy 30 years ago during 1989/1990 season.

Unfortunately, their hope of been crowned the league champion have been surrounded with lot of uncertainties, particularly about how the league would be concluded in the mix of this Pandemic crisis.

Though the Premier league executives have been holding some important meetings to find a solution on how to get the league back into effect as soon as possible, which would hopefully not be detrimental to the player’s well-being.


But the thought and chance for the league to be declared null and void can’t be ignored, which as well seems to be a very strong possibility if a solution couldn’t be reached anytime soon.

Surprisingly, one of Liverpool’s Premier league rival player ‘Bernando Silva’ has now backed their league rival by confessing that: “Liverpool deserves to be crowned Premier league champions this season, regardless of whether the campaign actually resumes or not”.

Undoubtedly, Bernando Silva’s confession would definitely bring a smile to Liverpool’s fans faces and boost their hope of seeing their darling club been crowned the Premier league champions.

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