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And suddenly, the top four race looks tasty


Manchester City’s defensive brittleness did hurt them hard this time. The absence of Zinchenko and Aymeric Laporte was evident and so was Ederson’s absence between the woodwork. As City went down losing 3-1 to the Champions of Europe in the process they enhanced the top four race.

With Liverpool 8 points clear of second seeded Leicester City, they surely seem to be going down with the trophy, finally. And if not, the top four teams are the ones that will battle for.


Into 12 games now Liverpool, Leicester City, Chelsea and Manchester City seem to be the one playing Champions League of next season. As they stand in the same sequence in the table with Liverpool on top having 34 points and 8 points clear above Leicester and Chelsea, both on 28. The Foxes though ahead courtesy goal difference.

Manchester City trying to win their third domestic trophy in a row stand fourth, a sight not usual. The Champions have been their past-self except for the defence they have. All their problems lie on the defensive front with no wall too tall.

And as I type the enthusiasm has already aroused amongst the Chelsea and Leicester fans who now suddenly seem to believe that the trophy could come their home.

The Foxes have shown every reason why. They now are playing like they did in 2015; pure, brutal and lethal. Everything they are touching is converting into goal and every place they are travelling, they are making it theirs.


But the most surprising of all four is the presence of young Chelsea squad. The Blues under their legendary player and debut manager Lampard are looking impeccable and are already on a six game winning streak. Except for their game against United, they have been all over causing blues for opponents.

The Premier League is not half-way yet but I can promise you that it will be one enthralling season with lots of ups-and-downs coupled with plenty of drama.

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