Pogba could have fewer suitors in the transfer window according to Paratici

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Juventus’ Sporting Director Paratici suggests that the upcoming summer transfer market will be very different because of the COVID-19 pandemic and explains why very few clubs will be able to offer a high salary to Paul Pogba.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford with his former club Juventus and Real Madrid as potential buyers. Pogba’s contract is set to expire at the end of next season but Manchester United have the option to extend it for one year. But at the moment, football has been suspended all over the globe and in some countries abandoned for the whole season. Big football clubs all over Europe have been forced to cut wages from their players and employees.

Paratici suggests that the interested clubs would not be able to afford Pogba’s high salary if he wants a move away from Manchester United.

“Paul Pogba is a fantastic player, we know him as a champion,” Paratici speaking with Sky Sports Italia.

“But something will change after the coronavirus crisis because logically the salary demands someone at his level would have had before is now more difficult to get hold of. Or, at least, he’ll have fewer clubs prepared to pay that money.”


Paratici added that Cristiano is the highest-earning player in Serie A and Juventus can’t offer such a high salary to anyone else because of the brand and revenue growth he brings to the Old Lady.

“Cristiano is a different player to all the others. He brings incredible and exponential growth in revenue, representing a brand that is almost as big as a club.

“Clubs will certainly have some more difficulties to deal with, so with less income, we’ll need to be more creative and elastic, finding a different formula for transfer deals.

“I expect many exchanges of players, although obviously we can’t use the NBA draft because that is a closed system.

“We should take more from the NBA and American sports in general. After all, the Premier League has this big advantage over the other leagues because they control the brand and represent the whole league rather than individual clubs.”

Paul Pogba has been struggling with an ankle injury since September last year and has missed almost 40 games this season for Manchester United. He has just two goal contributions this season in the form of assists, which he bagged against Chelsea setting up the 3rd and 4th goal for the Red Devils.


Recently, in an exclusive interview for Manchester United’s official website, Pogba said that during this COVID-19 pandemic, the key is to stay motivated and remain fit.

“We have got to stay motivated, there is no other choice. It is a period and we don’t know until when it will be like this, but I still have goals in my head and one day hopefully this will stop,” Pogba said.

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