Paul Pogba enthusiastic about his return to football

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By Kobby Lavish
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Paul Pogba has been restricted to only made eight appearances for Manchester United in the 2019-20 campaign due to injuries.

The France international is close to full fitness but has admitted that he is “frustrated” by his injury problems and remains “hungry” for a return onto the pitch.

Pogba has grabbed a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons during his time on the sidelines, with a majority of those stories concerning his Manchester United future.

“I’ve been frustrated, a long time ago,” the 27-year-old said, in the Red Devils’ official podcast. “Now I’m almost there, so I’m just thinking about getting back and training fully with the team and everything.


“You think bad but I’ve never had something like this in my career, so I always take it in a good way.

“It makes me more hungry to come back and do well. And, yeah, it just shows me as well how much I love football.

“You have to be very patient because, well my injury, I don’t know if people really know what happened.

“So I had a foot injury, which came in the game against Southampton. It was early this season and so I carried this for a long time, training and trying to be playing with it. After I stopped, I found I had a fracture.


“I had a cast on it, a plaster-cast, so it went very well but too well. The bone got bigger and so, when I came back again, I played those two games against Watford and Newcastle, I could feel something again.”

However, the world cup winner has expressed his desire to step on to the field once again to do what he loves best – playing football.

“I can’t wait to have this feeling again. I miss it because that’s my job, to play football. I really enjoy playing football.”

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