Ole’s Wheel coming out

Kenneth Fargose
By Kenneth Fargose
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Manchester United have started the season poorly is an understatement, the start to their season has been abysmal. With just 2 wins in 6 league games the wheels of Ole’s Manchester United have already been punctured. The latest loss versus West Ham has made Ole Gunnar Solskjaer life even more difficult. Solskjaer might not be a tactical genius but already has taken huge decisions some have worked for him, some have worked against him.

Loaning out Alexis Sanchez seems to be a good deal for both parties, of course financially it wasn’t United’s best move.

Selling Lukakau seemed to be a great idea at the time but now seems like a very stupid move. With Rashford and Martial leading the line, Manchester United surely have pace but they lack the physicality of the Big Belgian.


Both Rashford and Martial can be easily contained by a well defending unit. United can no longer rely on crosses in the box when things go south, they don’t have anyone who can head the ball home. They haven’t replaced Lukaku with anyone hoping that Rashford and Martial will fill in the void, but instead it looks like uninvited pressure for them .

The biggest criticism of Lukaku was that he didn’t score as a lot of goals vs the big 6 but what people fail to understand is Lukaku was very effective against the teams in the bottom half. Of the 6 teams Manchester United have faced 2 are certainly going to be in the relegation battle and couldn’t win against either, they drew against a 10 men Saints side and lost against Crystal Palace at home which shows how much they are struggling.


The injury to Rashford in the loss against West Ham has made matter even worse. With Arsenal this weekend Solskjaer will hope that Anthony Martial will give him the result he needs, but with Frenchman just coming out of an injury nothing can be expected of him. Solskjaer must hope that whatever he decisions he took at start of the season better start working quickly because by the way things stand the wheels of the Manchester United have started to come out.

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