Nottingham Forest & Everton take one step away from relegation

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By Kartik Jain
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Monday night was what we call a goal spree. 21 goals were scored in only 3 games. Yes, that’s right, TWENTY-ONE goals. Seldom do we see three games being played on a weekday having such a huge number of goals per match.

And what were those matches? Out of the 6 teams, 4 of them were fighting for relegation and have found it difficult to score. Well, maybe the pressure does being out the best even from the worst.

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The first encounter was between Fulham and Leicester where 8 goals were scored. In an all important game for Leicester where they had to win, Fulham had other plans. The hosts were 4-0 up until the 51st minute before Leicester finally slotted one in the 59th minute. But it was too little too late. The game finished 5-3 in favour of Fulham, leaving Leicester in the 18th position as a result. Leicester City are stuck on 30 points with only 3 games to spare.

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The second game between Brighton and Everton was unimaginable (not in it’s true sense). The Seagulls stepped into the turf as favorites with everyone expecting them to cruise past the Merseyside club which had other intentions altogether. Everton who were fighting for the relegation spot showcased their strength of performing the best when it matters the most. They took away the game in the first minute itself with Doucoure slotting one in for the team. The game ended 5-1 with Brighton holding 78% possession but Everton making all 5 of their shots on target count.

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Well, it is the third game that was a spectacular thriller. Nottingham Forest vs Southampton. Two teams in the relegation spot, two teams fighting for survival, and two teams hanging on a thread. The match was a rollercoaster ride as the season has been for both teams. Until the last minute we could not decide on the winner but it was Nottingham Forest who eventually took the baton and won the game 4-3.

After these results, it is fairly clear that Southampton are almost out of the Premier League next season but the battle of the bottom three is still on between Nottingham Forest, Everton, Leeds United, and Leicester City. Hop onto our article on their remaining matches to know what to expect ahead.

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