Nike 2022 World Cup home & away kits RELEASED!

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Nike officially unveiled their 2022 FIFA World Cup kits, which will take place this winter. All of Nike’s home and away jerseys for the Qatar World Cup have been revealed. They sponsor a total of 13 teams at the tournament, including Canada (who will continue to use their previous kits, as the kit development cycle differs for Canadian soccer), the most of any brand. Australia, Croatia, and Saudi Arabia will all receive new home and away uniforms for the competition, which begins out on November 20 in Qatar. Interestingly, 100% recycled polyester was used to make more than 75% of the whole collection.

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Due to the national mourning period following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the England kits will not be published just yet. However, images of Harry Kane and Phil Foden wearing the home and away shirts have been leaked online. Portugal’s away kit, Brazil’s flag-inspired home jersey, and, of course, the French, whose jerseys are inspired by a blend of the country’s legacy and future, are standouts.

The USA collection is particularly intriguing, drawing on the country’s broad and illustrious sporting heritage. Both the home and away jerseys have an expanded centre crest similar to basketball outfits, as well as the distinctive shoulder and sleeve cut-and-sew structure and pattern of a hockey jersey.

Here’s a look at all of the Nike 2022 World Cup kits:


The designs for the United States World Cup jersey were inspired by the country’s varied sports. The home kit, for example, has an upper navy arch similar to those found on basketball jerseys. The blue and crimson shoulder cut-outs are reminiscent of hockey jersey motifs. Meanwhile, the away kit has a bright tie-dye-like blue design to symbolise the country’s variety and youth.

USA 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

USA 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


National pride lies at the centre of both Portuguese shirts, with the Pepper Red and Gorge Green colours significantly influenced by the country’s flag. The home kit is designed to seem like a flag wrapped around the body, with a diagonal line dividing the two main colours. Meanwhile, the base colour of the away shirt is Sail White, allowing the green and red to shine in a central strip that runs across the jersey.

Portugal 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Portugal 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


Brazil’s kit consists of yellow shirts (bright yellow from the previously used classic yellow), blue shorts, and white socks. However, new twists may be added to old favourites, and the Selecao have included a modest debossed jaguar motif in their current design. The collar has lovely button detailing that evokes the national flag. Brazil’s 2022 away kit has a beautiful blue foundation with bright green accents on the sleeves and the Nike logo. The official colours are dominant blue/dynamic yellow/green spark, as the five-time World Cup champions want to stand out from the throng.

Brazil 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Brazil 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The Netherlands home kit is draped in unmistakable bright orange, but with a twist. Orange peel and Laser Orange interweave to create a shimmering silk look on the garment. It also resembles the mane of a lion, a symbol historically linked with the country. The away shirt is dressed in a gloomy blue and red colourway, highlighting the magnificent combination of sport and culture and how they affect each other.

Netherlands 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Netherlands 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


Nike’s World Cup shirt designs are all about celebrating the new France, which looks to the future while still honouring the country’s legacy. On the blue shirt, a subtle oak leaf and olive branch design depict unity, peace, and strength. It has a buttoned collar, much like their 2012 home kit. The official colours are said to be Midnight Navy and Metallic Gold. The away kit is perhaps more eye-catching, influenced by toile de Jouy (fabric of joy) and features iconic icons such as flora, the Arc de Triomphe, (Arch of Triumph) and the cockerel.

France 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

France 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The checkered design, which also appears on the club emblem and promotes national pride, is instantly recognisable on both kits. The home kit is available in white and red, with the chequered design seeping onto the front of the shirt creating an abstract aesthetic. The away shirt is blackened blue in colour and has the squares blurred as a reference to the Croatian shoreline.

Croatia 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Croatia 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


Both of Poland’s new Nike jerseys highlight the country’s history and traditions. The detailed design on the home kit depicts the nest and feathers of the white eagle, a notable element on the country’s coat of arms. The away shirt is Sport Red with white sleeve cuffs to match Poland’s national colours.

Poland 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Poland 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The red and white colours of the Canadian flag are reflected in the home and away stripes. The maple leaf, which is symbolic of the country, appears on the crest. Because the kit development cycle for Canadian soccer differs, both kits are the identical ones that the players would have worn throughout the last year.

Canada 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Canada 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


Nike’s home shirt has a Through University Gold, Tour Yellow, and Green Noise colourway inspired by Australia’s landscapes. The design is inspired by the Outback’s sandy beaches and lush woodlands. The kit seems to be inspired by PSG’s 20-21 fourth kit. The away kit, on the other hand, comes in a deep Obsidian and Green Glow colourway to depict the nation’s surrounding deep waters, with the glow signifying the abundant marine life and reefs, seemingly inspired by Inter’s 22-23 home jersey.

Australia 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Australia 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The English national team’s jersey announcement had been delayed due to the Queen’s demise, however, the jersey has been leaked online. England’s kits are a throwback to the 1990s, with the home shirt paying homage to the Euros 96, combing the traditional white with sky blue and navy, and the away kit bearing a strong resemblance to a red pattern featured in their Italia 90 World Cup jersey. This is the first time England will wear an all-red jersey since the 2018 World Cup.

England 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

England 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The Desert Maroon kit bears a white triangle accent on the sleeve cuffs to replicate the style of the Qatari flag for the tournament’s home nation. To recognise the country’s role as the home nation, the crest is placed higher on the shirt. A white away jersey with a subdued beige pearl pattern pays homage to the country’s famed pearl diving past. The jersey should conjure the picture of a sandstorm while worn and in motion.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Qatar 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


The home shirt has a light grey palm leaf print inspired by the abundance of palm trees in the country. The green away kit is an all-over graphic design in forest green and lighter green that conveys a sensation of speed.

Saudi Arabia 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

Saudi Arabia 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES


South Korea’s home kit for the 2022 World Cup will be mostly red, with a devil’s tail incorporated into the side panel of the shorts and jersey. The away jersey will have a multicoloured pattern splattered over the front.

South Korea 2022 World Cup Home Kit – IMAGES

South Korea 2022 World Cup Away Kit – IMAGES

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