Magpies – The Giant Killers?

Kenneth Fargose
By Kenneth Fargose
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The arrival of Steve Bruce in the summer was meet with a lot of criticism by the Newcastle faithfuls. The criticism wasn’t just about the man he was replacing but it was also about the credentials of the former Manchester United legend. Steve Bruce wasn’t the manager they were hoping to see in the dugout following the departure of the much loved Rafa Benitez. Bruce as a manager hasn’t proven himself at the top flight yet and still Mike Ashley appointed him as the manager of one of England’s most historic club.

8 games into the season, Steve Bruce looks like he has found his feet as manager of the Magpies. The Magpies are currently just 4 points of 7 position, which looks like a good but are just 2 points above relegation zone. Bruce’s start at Newcastle has been rocky to say the least. The Magpies has been the most unpredictable side in the Premier League at the moment under Bruce. The opening day loss to Arsenal was very close encounter, with Newcastle showing some good moves.


This followed a lackluster performance at the Carrow Road with their direct relegation rival, no one really expected them to get anything but a thrashing at White Hart Lane. But to the astonishment of all, even the diehard fans, Newcastle won the match. A left footed shot by the new summer signing from Hoffenheim was enough for Newcastle to win the match. But this optimism was short lived, they were defeated by the Champions of Europe one which no one doubted but the game against Brighton was the one fans were looking forward to. At home, to direct rival for survival, everyone expected Newcastle to get all 3 points, boy were they wrong. Brighton managed to get a point of the match, this made the fans more critical of the manager.

The thrashing at Leicester was something no fan would’ve imagined, Leicester picked them apart. They scored for fun, 5-0 wasn’t just a disheartening defeat, it was a picture of the season yet to unfold. The fans were already skeptical about the manager, this defeat made their doubts even stronger.

Fans weren’t expecting much from the team when Bruce’s former side visited St James Park, with him starting Matthew Longstaff for the first time very with his brother Sean. Anything but a thrashing was alright with them. But the team surprised them again, they fought and they defended with pride and scored. The boy who no-one trusted but the manager on his debut for his childhood club scored an absolute screamer. Nobody could believe that it was the same side which was thrashed a week ago. They were the same side, yet they were different. This look like a team that could on its day defeat the giants of the game as well.


As good as Newcastle were, they faced a Red Devils team which was very low on confidence and awful away record. This Newcastle team has a more faults than perfection, they are the most unpredictable team in division right now. On their day, they will win at the home of the Champions league semi finalist but go on and lose to their direct rival. They have the looks of a good side, a side which should survive the relegation.

Bruce when he signed stated that he hoped the fans would not rush to judgement and give him time to prove himself, looks like he is delivering his side of the bargain and will hope fans do the same.

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