Mesut Özil: Class Personified

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Now it doens’t matter if you rate Mesut Özil or not, You can’t disagree to the fact that he’s one of the most classiest player to ever touch the football. But last two years has showed how he isn’t a class act on the pitch but also off it. Özil was seen as a villian by his countrymen, He was made a scapegoat for Germany’s disastrous World Cup campaign. He was arguably forced to retire from International football. Coming to Arsenal Football Club, he had a new manager welcoming him who he didn’t rated him, not even as a squad player. Personal issues also got worsen with him getting into a brawl between two gangs of London. But it seem the end of tunnel is not too far for Ozil, and with that in mind, one has to acclaim his composure and class with which he has managed himself all trough this.


Mesut Özil at the World Cup 2018 is an enigma in itself, It was made to believe that he has underperformed and was not giving his best. But his 5.5 chances created per match was not better by any player playing a minimum of 90 minutes of football at the World Cup. While he also made the most number of key passes in a single match in the World Cup, with a performance against South Korea seeing him make 7 key passes for his teammates. Still, He was made the poster boy of Germany’s disastrous World Cup campaign. He made a outcast in his own country. How did he reacted? Simply putting out his opinions in the most respectfully manner possible. He made no controversial comments nor did he gave any fancy interviews.

At his football club, A new regime was about to start, under a manager who didn’t even rated him as a player worthy enough of being on the bench. All that has gone through with Ozil under Emery’s management is very well documented, but still the German has not only managed his way back in the pecking order after being completely frozen out of the squad, but have also made 3.6 key passes per matches in all competitions for Arsenal, better than any other Arsenal player. Though he hasn’t only impressed with his on field performances but also how he has reacted to all the criticism and doubts raised at him. Again, He made no controversial comments, Just gave an interview expressing his opinions without any digs at the manager or the club hierarchy.


When Wenger told us to take care of the values of Arsenal, This is what he meant, to behave in a way that personifies class.

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