Meet Tammy Abraham’s stunning girlfriend, Leah Monroe

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Recently risen to fame, Tammy Abraham has been all over the media houses for his exemplary performances. And with good performances comes digging of their personal life. While doing so, we have found out a gem that holds utmost value in Tammy’s life.

Leah Monroe, Abraham’s official girlfriend is a stunner off the pitch just like her boyfriend is on the pitch. Tammy Abraham and Leah Monroe have been dating for a while now with the couple not afraid of expressing their love on social media.


There have been many instances where Monroe has been seen cheering for her boyfriend from the stands of Stamford Bridge and also there have been happenings where Abraham has praised her lover on social media, particularly Instagram.

One such post of the couple was seen on Instagram when Tammy Abraham uploaded a story of him thanking Leah Monroe and calling her, “his love.” Leah is a camera-friendly person and a vlogger by profession.

Leah is an active Youtube user who gets more that 10000 views on her vlogs. The most famous video of hers is when she talks about her plastic surgery. In the video Monroe managed to talk about her bruises and the surgery.

Monroe is a WAG that’s going to stay until Abraham plays. The 20-year-old apart from being a vlogger is also a fashion enthusiast who shares fashion and beauty tips. She does not really show-off her relationship with her boyfriend but does have a couple of photos on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of them together, Abraham wrote in the caption, “My lover, my bestfriend big up yourself on your birthday 🎉❤️getting old now 👵🏻#20 no para needed, you already know what it is & I’m right beside you 😘🤪love you xx”

She has been dating Tammy Abraham for five years now. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Monroe took to Instagram to wish her “baby boo.” She wrote, “Happy 4th Valentine’s Day to my beautiful other half inside & out. I thank God for bringing you into my life for the better & showing me what love is.”

Tammy and Leah are happily together and may soon be ringing the wedding bells.

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