Meet Piotr Zieliński stunning wife Laura Słowiak

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Poland midfielder Piotr Zieliński will have Laura Słowiak gunning for him from the stands at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar – as we look beyond the veil of another star expected to shine at football’s most elite of tournaments.

The pair are said to be dating since 2013, before tying up knots on 15th June 2019. Piotr proposed after about four years of dating on Laura’s birthday, and the engagement took place in Masuria.

During Napoli’s Europa League fixture against Real Sociedad, Piotr Zieliński’s celebrations after scoring for Napoli was a clear indication of Laura Słowiak’s pregnancy and they are since blessed with a son named Maksymilian Zieliński, who was born in 2021 and the family lives in Naples at the time of writing.

Laura Słowiak, like Piotr, comes from a town called Ząbkowice Śląskie in south-western Poland. She has graduated in medical analytics from Medical University in Wrocław. She deals around modelling often.

Słowiak is particularly regular on Instagram amassing over forty-thousand followers at the time of writing. Although she has been not as much consistent over the past year or so, with a post every now and then. Her IG handle depicts how much she loves to travel, their beautiful baby dogs, and most recently the snaps of their son and his whereabouts.

Piotr Zieliński’s arc at Napoli has reached it’s peak, as he has become an integral part of Luciano Spalletti’s midfield and that has attracted interests from multiple Premier League clubs over the past summer – although at the moment he is focused to get that Scudetto with Gli Azzurri‘s.

IMAGES: Meet Piotr Zieliński’s stunning wife Laura Słowiak

*We don’t mean to infringe anyone’s privacy its just a bid for us to understand that so called wags are human beings as well and they play an equal role in player’s life and their performances. 

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