Meet Miguel Almiron’s stunning wife Alexia Notto

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“She’s always there for me, supporting me and helping me through everything. She’s my rock, and I couldn’t do it without her.” – these were Miguel Almiron’s words speaking in an interview with The Chronicle about his wife Alexia Notto.

Miguel Almiron, the Paraguayan midfielder for Newcastle United, has been making waves on the pitch in recent years. But off the pitch, it’s his wife Alexia Notto who has been capturing the attention of many fans.

Notto, who is from Paraguay just like her husband, has been there for Almiron no matter what has happened in his professional life. The pair originally met when they were both adolescents and have been together ever since. They had a lovely wedding in Paraguay in 2015.

Despite being married to a famous footballer, Notto has kept a relatively low profile on social media. She has a private Instagram account with only a few hundred followers, which she uses to share glimpses of her life with her family and friends.

However, Notto has been spotted in the stands at a few of Almiron’s games, showing his support for his teammate. She often travels with him, and she was even at his side as he represented Paraguay in the 2019 Copa America in Brazil.

Notto’s support for her husband goes beyond the football field. She has been Almiron’s biggest cheerleader through the highs and lows of his football career and his transition to life in England.

Notto’s love for her husband is only one aspect of her devotion to her family. They have a young daughter together, and she frequently tags along on their adventures. Notto has said that her daughter is her number one priority and that family is very important to her.

Overall, Alexia Notto may not be a household name like her husband, but her constant support and dedication to her family have made her a beloved figure among Newcastle United fans. It’s safe to assume that Notto will remain Almiron’s greatest fan both on and off the field as the footballer continues to make his impact.

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