Meet Marcel Sabitzer’s stunning wife Katja Kühne

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Austrian football sensation Marcel Sabitzer with her stunning good looks and chic sense of fashion. But, her attractiveness is just one aspect of her personality. Katja Kühne is an accomplished creative in her own right, having worked professionally as a dancer and choreographer.

Learn more about Katja Kühne, her connection with Marcel Sabitzer, and what sets her apart from the rest of the pack in this in-depth profile. Meet the lady behind the guy and learn what makes her so alluring.

Marcel Sabitzer and Katja Kühne: A Love Story


At the time of their first encounter in 2017, during a time when Marcel Sabitzer played for Leipzig. Katja rose to fame following her appearance in the German version of the reality TV show Der Bachelor back then, and Marcel was an up-and-coming football star. They connected instantly and have been going strong ever since.

Three years later, Marcel Sabitzer got down on one knee to ask the question of life to Katja in Maldives.

The pair constantly finds time for one another in their hectic lives. Marcel said in an interview that he and Katja like to spend as much time as they can together, even if it’s simply a night in. He says that his wife’s encouragement and support helped him persevere through the worst points in his career.

Katja Kühne’s outstanding good looks


No one can dispute that Katja Kühne is physically beautiful. She’s picture-perfect in every way: tall, slim, athletic build, beautiful blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and stunning skin. But what really makes her stand out is her self-assurance and grace. Katja always looks stylish and put together, whether she is on the red carpet or out doing errands.

Katja’s fashion is a fusion of timeless sophistication and cutting-edge cool. In order to create a style that is uniquely her own, she enjoys combining expensive brand items with more modest discoveries. Her clothing is a riot of bright colours, loud patterns, and attention-grabbing accessories. Nonetheless, she always looks chic and put together, even when dressed down.

The Unique Fashion Sense and Taste of Katja Kühne

The clothes Katja Kühne chooses to wear reveal something about her character. Her clothing choices are as fearless and unrepentant as she is. Since she isn’t scared to try new things, she manages to appear effortlessly chic no matter what she’s wearing.

She can dress for any event with ease and grace. During black-tie events, she favours timelessly chic options like ballgowns and fitted suits. On the other hand, she enjoys experimenting with colour and pattern by using embellishments like as feathers, sequins, and frills.

Katja’s everyday style is more relaxed and casual. She’s all about baggy sweaters, ripped jeans, and bold trainers. However, she always looks stylish and put together, even when dressed down.

Successes and Accomplishments of Katja Kühne

Katja Kühne has posed for several labels and designers and has been featured in dozens of fashion publications. Katja’s accomplishments are a reflection of her intelligence, perseverance, and hard work. She’s proof that hard work and belief in one’s abilities can get you anywhere in life.

Katja Kühne and Marcel Sabitzer’s Family


Marcel Sabitzer and Katja Kühne are the epitome of a happy marriage; their devotion to one another is palpable in every interaction between them. They also have a lovely daughter, Mary Lou, who was born in 2019 who has made them very proud parents.

Marcel and Katja always make time for each other and their kids, even with their hectic schedules. They have a shared passion for adventure and often document their travels via Instagram posts. They take delight in the fundamentals of life, such as a home-cooked meal and a movie night.

Sabitzer previously said: “A child gives you a different perspective on life and certain situations. I’m just happy to have such a beautiful family life. And I’ve learnt to deal with moments of stress better. If you want to convey calm to your child, it’ll only work if you exude calm yourself, not if you’re loud.”

Efforts Made By Marcel Sabitzer And Katja Kühne – In The Name Of Charity


Both Marcel Sabitzer and Katja Kühne feel strongly about making a positive impact on their neighbourhood. In addition to being active in several different nonprofits, they often utilise their fame to bring attention to deserving issues.

Their €70,000 gift to the Austrian Red Cross in support of its efforts during the COVID-19 epidemic stands out as one of their more famous acts of charity. Fans and players alike look up to and appreciate the pair because of their kindness and generosity.

She is also very active in raising funds for the war in Ukraine.


While Katja Kühne is well-known for her beauty, she is much more than meets the eye. Apart from being a gifted artist and fashion star, she is also a loyal wife and mother, as well as a generous donor. She is an example to women all across the world for her self-assurance, honesty, and zest for living. There is little question that she will continue to make an impression both on and off the pitch with Marcel Sabitzer at her side.

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