Meet Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning girlfriend Eva Garcia

Aaryan Shah
By Aaryan Shah
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Alejandro Garnacho is enjoying a wonderful start to his first-team promotion at Manchester United, and while Old Trafford gets used to him — we would like a take a dive into his personal life, and introduce Man Utd faithful to his girlfriend Eva Garcia.

Eva Garcia and Alejandro Garnacho are said to be dating since 2021, ie for about two years at the time of writing. And they surely love to keep fans on the edge of their seats with pictures on Social Media. It’s reported that they know each other for a while before making things official.

Eva Garcia, herself, can be termed as a Social Media influencer and a TikToker.

The couple, ofcourse, being young and still finding their way to life, are to have any children or start a family.

Much is not known about Eva Garcia except that she’s Spanish and by the look of it, she likes to maintain that privacy veil.

We will update more on this space once we know more about Eva Garcia, & her relationship with Alejandro Garnacho. For now, you can follow her on Instagram @eevichuu.

IMAGES: Meet Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning girlfriend Eva Garcia

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