Manchester United Women’s closing in on Esmee Brugts

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As per reports from sources affiliated with 90min, Manchester United Women’s are purportedly contemplating the acquisition of Esmee Brugts in anticipation of their inaugural Champions League participation in the 2023/24 term. The contractual agreement between Brugts and PSV Vrouwen is scheduled to run out at the conclusion of the current season, thereby enabling her to transfer to another team without any transfer fee. Numerous clubs, such as Manchester City, have reportedly shown interest in the Dutch prodigy. However, Brugts is purportedly inclined towards participating in Champions League football, an opportunity that appears to be uncertain for Manchester City in the upcoming season.

With Manchester United securing a minimum second-place finish in the WSL, qualifying for the Champions League, the club is keen to strengthen their squad for the upcoming European adventure. Manager Marc Skinner recently hinted at their intentions, stating, “We’re going in for very good players.”

Esmee Brugts – an insight

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Brugts initiated her vocational pursuit with FC Binnenmaas and subsequently affiliated with PSV in 2020, at the tender age of 16. She made a prompt impression by netting three goals during her inaugural season. During a span of three years at PSV, Brugts has accumulated a total of 17 goals and seven assists in 58 appearances. Her contributions have been instrumental in securing the team’s victory in the KNVB Cup in 2021, as well as maintaining a consistent top-four position in the Eredivisie. But let’s dive a deeper into her footballing upbringing…

Brugts embarked on her journey at the tender age of five, when she commenced playing football alongside male counterparts for her local team, SV Heinenoord. Notwithstanding the initial obstacles of being a female participant in a sport that is predominantly male-dominated, she embraced her competitive spirit and distinguished herself from her contemporaries.

The manifestation of her authentic potential was evident upon receiving an invitation from the Dutch Federation to participate in a youth team tryout. At that juncture, Brugts became cognizant of the gravity of her aptitude and commenced a voyage that culminated in her attaining remarkable triumph.

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Following her enrollment in FC Binnenmaas to enhance her abilities, Brugts underwent an eight-year training programme before securing her inaugural professional agreement with PSV Vrouwen at the age of 16 in the year 2020. She expeditiously acclimated to the professional milieu and promptly made a significant contribution by netting three goals in 13 matches in her inaugural campaign.

Nonetheless, the impact on her career was not solely attributed to her on-field achievements, but also to the off-field relationships she established during her time at PSV. As a result of the welcoming and supportive environment provided by the club, the individual was able to enhance her skills as a player and personal growth as an individual. This fostered a strong sense of camaraderie with her teammates and the coaching staff.

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During Brugts’ tenure at PSV, she has accomplished notable feats and established records of significance. Across all competitions, she has recorded a total of 11 goals and five assists in 52 games, thereby playing a pivotal role in PSV Vrouwen’s victory in the KNVB Cup in 2021 and consistently contributing to the team’s attainment of a top-four position in the Eredivisie.

Brugts acknowledges the advancements that have been achieved in women’s football, while concurrently recognising that there are areas that require further attention. The individual acknowledges the advantages afforded to her as a member of a cohort that venerates the sport and endeavours to transform the arena of football to be more inclusive of women.

Brugts is enthusiastic about the prospects that await her in the future. Brugts exhibits a strong resolve to persist in instigating transformation and effecting positive change within the realm of her passion for sports.

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At just 19 years old, Esmee Brugts is already making waves as one of the most exciting new talents in women’s football. As an attacking midfielder, she plays a crucial role for both PSV Vrouwen and the Dutch national team, showcasing her determination and drive to become a defining figure in the sport.

The individual’s noteworthy displays in club competitions resulted in her selection for the Dutch national team, where she marked her inaugural appearance in the Tournoi de France against Brazil in 2022. Brugts’ proficiency in exhibiting creativity and adaptability in the attacking third has rendered her a highly prized commodity, contending with the top echelon of Dutch football and cementing her position within the team.

Brugts experienced a pivotal moment in their career in September 2022 while participating in a crucial FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Iceland. Upon entering the game as a substitute in the 66th minute, she significantly contributed to the scoring of the decisive goal during the additional time, ultimately leading to the triumph of the Netherlands.

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As the discussions persist between Manchester United and Brugts, the possibility of joining a team that has successfully secured Champions League football and is currently endeavouring to enhance their roster presents a captivating prospect for the skilled Dutch striker.

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