MANCHESTER UNITED: Rafael pinpoints flaws in clubs transfer strategy for League failures

Kobby Lavish
By Kobby Lavish
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Rafael da Silva has blamed Manchester United’s transfer strategy as the reason for not winning a Premier League title after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Brazilian full-back won three Premier League trophies for United during his seven years stay at Old Trafford and was part of the club’s squad that won their last league title under Ferguson in 2013.

Rafael currently playing for the French Ligue 1 side, Lyon thrown huge support behind the current United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he took charge of the club.

He also expressed that the club should go in for players who wants to play for the club but not just play because the club pays them comparing that to Chicharito’s time with the Red Devils.


“They should go for the players who want to play for Manchester United. Not just because Manchester United are going to pay you. Look at Chicharito. How hard did he play for Manchester United? He wanted to play. How much did Manchester United pay for him? Not much. You have to be clever”.

After the Brazilian moved from Old Trafford to join Lyon, United has struggled to challenge for the Premier League title for seven years and have gone two seasons trophy-less.

Rafael, points fingers to the strategy of the club’s transfer as the reason for their fall.

“It’s been seven years. We did some things wrong. We started signing expensive players and giving them a lot of money. I don’t agree with that. Just because a player costs £150 million does not mean he’s good for the team. It depends on the character of the player”.


“I think that’s where we made mistakes, we start to just buy players. I think it has to be a mix. You have to buy some expensive players but not all. I am a supporter too and I know they want the best players but let’s see if he’s the best player for Manchester United, let’s see if he is going to work”, he told ESPN.

Nevertheless, the club seem to be moving towards a good path under Solskjaer and were on an impressive run before the league was suspended.

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