Manchester United fear struggle of top 4 finish

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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A loss against West Ham has already raised innumerable questions on United’s top four finish this season, let alone winning the Championship. A lot of pundits have already hailed the present group of Red Devils as the worst ever.

Manchester United have found it difficult to create chances in the attacking third. The present squad of United produces same number of chances as a City team does in one game. A slap on the face, isn’t it! To a team that used to be a attacking behemoth and has become one of the worst attacks in Premier League.

With as little as 8 points in their opening matches, Manchester are playing awfully bad than a team to be relegated. Ole’s no more at the wheels and the Norwegian should adapt fast before he is sacked.

Talking about the performance of United: “I’d say this is the worst group Manchester United have had since the Premier League started,” said Souness.

“I think Man United find themselves in a very difficult place. They’ve thrown a lot of money at it. Wherever they go to buy players, there’s a premium because it’s United.

“People who make the football decisions above the manager have got to hold their hands up. I don’t see a quick fix. If you’re [Marcus] Rashford, sitting in the changing room, who are you looking at, thinking, ‘I want to be a pro just like him?’ I could have named 10 players when I was at Liverpool.”

Souness added: “I think it’s a very hard sell for United to the supporters to say: ‘We’re now going down the road of bringing young players through and you’re going to have to be patient.’

“It’s Manchester United – one of the biggest football clubs in the world. It’s a very hard sell to the supporters. They are going to turn up and say: ‘The youngsters did well today but we lost 2-1. They were just a bit naive.’ I just don’t see that.

“The pressure is on Manchester United. It’s a big, big football club. One of the biggest in the world and maybe in some respects the biggest. With that comes enormous pressure and you don’t know how young players will react to having to turn up every week and win.”

Manchester United have already lost a lot of points against the sides they could have won easily, making their future meets with Top 6 clubs an unwanted affair.

Ole’s at the Wheels but the one that has stopped functioning.

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