Liverpool vs Aston Villa: The pursuit to century starts here!

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Liverpool have already sealed the Premier League title last week after Manchester City’s 2-1 loss at Stamford Bridge and face Aston Villa as they pursuit a century of points this season.

The Reds have been brilliant this season sealing the Premier League title with seven games in hand. Many said that the Reds will break Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles‘ record and Jurgen Klopp could raise the ‘Golden Premier League‘ trophy during the first half of the campaign. However, Liverpool succumbed to defeat at Vicarage Road before the suspension of the Premier League in March. This shattered their hopes of winning the league title without any defeats.

There’s another record Jurgen Klopp’s side are chasing – most points scored in a single Premier League season. The current holder of this record in Manchester City who managed to get 100 points in the 2017-18 season. Arsenal’s Invincibles managed to get 90 points in their winning season and that’s nowhere close to the record set by the Citizens.

Guardiola’s 2017-18 PL winning side is often called the ‘centurions’ and are deemed as the greatest squad in the Premier League. They managed to register the best goal difference (79), most away wins & points (16 & 50), most wins (32) and the biggest gap from the second-placed team (19 points). These are the record Liverpool could break in the Premier League this season.

The pursuit for the title of ‘centurion’ starts tomorrow at Anfield when they host Aston Villa. A comfortable win against the Villans will provide much-needed momentum to the Reds in their pursuit to century. Klopp admitted that the record will be a motivation for the team.

“Look, it is, but we cannot force that. To go there, we have to win football games – and we didn’t do that [against City],” the Liverpool manager said in the news conference.

Could Klopp’s side break Manchester City’s two years old record?


The Merseyside based club have two losses and two draws in the Premier League so far. They have managed to win 28 games out of 32 games and have registered 86 points so far. With six games remaining in the Premier League, Liverpool needs more 14 points to level with the record. To surpass the record, Liverpool will need to get 15 points from the 18 points remaining. The Reds can also break City’s 32 wins record by winning five games out of the remaining six.

Liverpool can break the record of the biggest gap from the second-placed team as they have 20 points lead over Manchester City. Liverpool can manage a whopping 104 points if they win all their remaining fixtures. Considering their poor away form recently, Liverpool travels to Brighton, London and Newcastle. They can easily win against Brighton and Newcastle but may face some difficulties beating Arsenal away. They host Chelsea, which is another important class.

Considering Klopp’s side would comfortably beat Aston Villa, Brighton, Burnley and Newcastle, they would just need a win from their other two fixtures against Arsenal and Chelsea. A draw against the London based clubs would do the job as Liverpool will end up with 100 points in the end.

Most Points won by a Premier League winning team:

Season Club Games Wins Draws Defeats Points won
2017/18 Man City 38 32 4 2 100
2018/19 Man City 38 32 2 4 98
2004/05 Chelsea 38 29 8 1 95
2016/17 Chelsea 38 30 3 5 93
1993/94 Man Utd* 42 27 11 4 92
2005/06 Chelsea 38 29 4 5 91
1999/00 Man Utd 38 28 7 3 91

*42 games season due to 22 teams. It ended due to the rebranding of UCL and FIFA’s directive to reduce the number of teams.

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