Liverpool may be the Champions but are not favourites to win against Napoli

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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Liverpool travel to Stadio San Paolo in order to defend their title. The Merseyside club have looked far from great since the moment they became Champions, more particularly when Karius did what he did.

The Reds face Napoli, once again in the group stage and Klopp’s troop is aware of what a threat the host can prove to be. Napoli have constructed a better squad than last season, with arrival of Lozana in Naples squad.

Talking about the game, Jurgen Klopp acknowledged: “They are a very strong side, [runner-up] of Italy two or three years in a row and really close to Juventus this year.

“Napoli plays a specific style. To make it very simple, we played against them in our defending like they had one No. 6, but they had two.

“We knew before, we told the players, but then everyone reacted too late. We tried to change it in the game and nobody listened and nobody could change it — in the end they were lucky they scored, but we were lucky it was only 1-0.


“It was really this kind of day off and now it is not about ‘will you invest that much again?’

“Yes, we have to invest whatever we have.

“The majority of the Napoli team stayed together and they have started this season spectacularly. We’ve both built on what we did last year.

“They are stubborn in a positive way. They play football, they break lines, good counter-attacks. They are creative. I enjoy it when I analyse Napoli. I like to watch them.”

Liverpool travel with a fully equipped squad though Naby Keita still being a miss. Alisson Becker, the hero of last season will be a miss too. Napoli won the game last season at their home and would be wanting to encore the same.

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