Liverpool home kit for 2022/23 season LEAKED!

Talib Haider
By Talib Haider
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Liverpool 22-23 Home Kit

Liverpool fans around the world get to have a sneak peek at their team’s leaked home kit pictures for the next season, 2022/23.

Although, the design is pretty much simple – with a decent red shade. As per the pics circulated on social media by the Turkish kit enthusiast –  Semih Kececcioglu – the kit can be related to those used during the early 2000s. A very vivid example of this leaked kit could be compared with that of the classic Reebok shirts from the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons.

The first look at these pictures can take you back to the memorable Champions League Final of 2005. A traditional red color shirt, with all the Logos engraved with white including the LFC badge, Nike swoosh, 97 tribute at the back, and the sponsors’.

Nike has looked to keep it simple. Not drawing too much hype as to what’s next, but also giving a traditional touch to the shirt. Through the series of pictures that were released earlier, it is clear that the Reds are going to don the retro look on the pitch next season. Only, if we are expecting the leaks to be exactly as they are shown.

In modern day football, it’s unlikely to see any team wearing a kit which has the angular collar rather than the general crew neck ones. But I think it is good that the kit’s colors and even the intricate designs are reminiscent of the early 2000s Liverpool home kit. When we look at the closeup pictures of this “potentially” new Nike LFC Home kit for the 2022/23 season, we can see the textures and the intricate details even more clearly.

In my opinion, the new Nike Liverpool Home Kit has a simple yet stellar design. Replicating the retro look, without killing the owned beauty and vibe is a very creative ask. Nike has done a decent task. We the fans could surely expect to get Nostalgia, whenever our players would set out to play.

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