Heroic Ramsdale performance wins the point for Arsenal!

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Arsenal started off the game well and utterly dominated the game for the first 35 or so minutes. Martinelli opened the scoring with a delicate toe poke finish past Alisson before Gabriel Jesus connected on a wonderful looping cross from Martinelli to make it 2-0 for the visitors.

Almost immediately since Arsenal scored their 2nd, Liverpool started to dominate the game and it turned into one way traffic for the rest of the game. Chance after chance came begging for Liverpool and a missed Salah penalty prevented a potential total collapse on the Arsenal end. Arsenal held on and even had some extremely dangerous attacks which they just couldn’t convert. Goals from Salah in 42nd and Firmino in the dying moments of the game meant the points would eventually be shared.


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There were plenty of talking points in the game but one individual completely stood out.

Aaron Ramsdale is almost entirely responsible for the fact Arsenal came away from this game with a point. It was one of the greatest goalkeeping displays I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. Clutch, timed, brave. Just a sensational display.

Liverpool created a total of 4.43xG; meaning Ramsdale saved 2.43 goals for Arsenal on paper. Salah, Konate and co. continually questioned him and he delivered every single time he was in a position to do so. I might give him a bit of stick for his positioning on Firmino’s goal but other than that, this was a display from a “Premier League winning goalkeper calibre”.

In times of adversity and doubt in the backline, he stood tall and pulled of stunning save after a stunning save.

There were some murmurings about Ramsdale’s ability in these so called “clutch” situations where he has to carry the team on his back and he rightfully shut those up today. This was a performance way beyond his relatively young 24 years of age and the world took notice. The performance wasn’t only about the saves though, far from that. Rushing out, punching the ball long in, playing out from the back in pressurized situations – it had a bit of everything.


If Arsenal do potentially go all the way, this is one of those games where you’ll look back on and realize just how much this point meant. He rose like a phoenix from the ashes again and again and topped it all off with TWO heart stopping saves in the 94th and 95th minute.

Arsenal still have that tricky Etihad away game to play in and Ramsdale needs to keep this high level of performance going into that game, Arsenal are surely gonna need it. He had this to say at the end of the game:

“It’s what I am there to do. I enjoyed playing today. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the three points, but least my saves helped us out.”

Ramsdale currently stands on 12 clean sheets, just one below the top spot currently held by David De Gea and Nick Pope. He also conceded 8 less goals than the Spaniard did for Manchester United did this season but 8 more than Pope. A potential Golden Glove isn’t far away from Aaron and performances like today could make that dream a reality for him.

Just 8 games to go for Arsenal now.


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