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Gonzalo Montiel – a background

Carrying on a dream 2022/23 season, being pivotal to Argentina’s World Cup win in winter followed by kissing the Europa League trophy with his club Sevilla in the summer – both the times Gonzalo Montiel took the honor to take the Penalty that would win the respective competitions. So, a move this summer was always being rumored & now it’s come to Nottingham Forest close to sealing an Initial loan move with an option to buy at 11 million, according to multiple reports.

So Let’s take a look at what he can offer at Forest, what insights data provide & his tactical fit.

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Pic 1 (Above): Montiel in Argentina jersey celebrating the WC 2022 Win

Analyzing Montiel’s Profile

Montiel’s role for Sevilla varied over last season after series of Changes in Head coaches for Sevilla from Julen Lopetegui to Sampaoli to Mendilibar but was usually preferred as a more conservative Right back/wingback roles.


Pic 2: A Player report on Gonzalo Montiel’s 22/23 (Data via Opta)

Taking a keen look at the above player report backed by relevant data, it gives a good insight into Montiel’s characteristics – used primarily as a defensive Fullback who could add threat when moving forward, almost exclusively making him a complete package. He has a percentage of Ball retention making him ideal in possession, but despite venturing forward, his ball striking is far less ideal last season and would be the thing to be seen if he’s gonna be given more responsibility to have a go at the goal.


Going in more deeper ends, a match-by-match look into Montiel should give more insight: he covers the whole flank, more often than not is capable of being the box defender & being a touchline Fullback who doesn’t take larger final 3rd touches given he played a support role for wingers like Ocampos who would be the advanced creators in the final third.

This again shouldn’t be tactically different from what Forest play in a 3-4-3 where Aurier supports wingers ahead of him like Danilo or Brennan Johnson (we will be coming on Aurier shortly).


Pic 3: A comparison Plot between Montiel & Aurier

If the apparent rumors of Serge Aurier’s departure are right (the currently designated right-back for Forest), Montiel should comfortably be an easy upgrade in terms of what he offers on the ball & defensively though Aurier’s numbers look better as a tackler, Montiel’s much closer numerically wrt being an interceptor of the ball. At 29 Aurier’s age can put caution for Forest who may feel selling him now upwards of rumored 20M offers to get Montiel at close to half the price & 3 years younger would also economically justify his signing.

How does Tactical fit go??


Pic 4 (Above): Montiel in a 5-3-2 block with Sevilla, tactically with Forest playing a 3 back themselves and be in a 5-3-2 while defending themselves, tactical fit shouldn’t be a big problem

With Steve Cooper playing a 3 back system himself & a natural 5 back when defending, it shouldn’t be out of place for Montiel to play in a system that he also played with Sevilla, this perhaps should have been a huge driving factor for Forest to consider Montiel that in the busy days of season being started already, him having experience in a familiar system will transition him to team easily.

Overall Verdict

Montiel should easily be one of the signings of the summer when you consider the price point, age & pedigree of experience at the highest level. Selling Aurier potentially on a Saudi deal & getting Montiel proves a shrewd piece of business for Nottingham Forest.


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