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Burnley are back into the Premier League after spending a year in the Championship. Facing relegation in the 21/22 season, Burnley started writing the script for the PL Return when they signed Vincent Kompany. Vincent as a Gaffer is a different gravy it seems. The Belgian took the team back into the first division like it was nothing – he legit made the Dyche-ball people enjoy Guardiola-ball.

Burnley earned a century of points this season – with 101 points, most goals and wins along with least losses and goals conceded, it is as if they were too good to be in the Championship. Premier League awaits. Kompany vs Pep must be in your “things to look out for next season” list. Another addition to the Master vs Disciple series.

Sheffield United and Luton Town will also be joining the Premier League along with Burnley. The Premier League is the most physical and tough league there is, hence the quality to be met is equally high. For many teams, just remaining in the league can be a tremendous accomplishment. Though not for Burnley no more, they has started to shuffle the pieces – refusing to settle for the least.

According to French journalist Loïc Tanzi, Burnley have made an initial bid of €12 million for the services of Aster Vranckx, a Belgian midfielder who was on loan at AC Milan from VfL Wolfsburg in the recently concluded campaign.

Who is Aster Vranckx?

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Aster Vranckx is 20 years old Belgian international who wears the skipper armband for the national U21 side. On the club level he is a VfL Wolfsburg player who was on loan to AC Milan in 2022/23 season (as earlier stated). He operates in a defensive midfield role, transitioning to a central midfield position.

A baller of a player, with good ball retention and box-to-box profile. He’s someone capable of recovering possession and executing a successful turnover through strategic pressing. The level of intensity that he exhibits in the central area of the field proves advantageous in the context of a counter-attacking tactical approach. He is capable of executing forward movements towards the opposing team’s goal with the intention of generating open areas for both himself and his fellow teammates. Vranckx possesses exceptional skills as a midfielder, demonstrating a keen ability to score goals. Based on observations, it appears that he possesses a notable capacity to readily conform to the specific playing style implemented by Kompany. Let us further examine that matter.


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Since Vincent achieved his prime under Guardiola and played a sensational part during his regime at Manchester City, a lot of inspiration for his style of play is drawn from the City type of football. A usual 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 is the go-to shape for the Belgian. Although playing any of the 2 formations, his overall formation looks like a compact 4-3-3.

During a 4-2-3-1, one of the players from the double pivot drifts up front into the attack. This creates a numerical advantage in attack as well as creates a balance within a system with 5 in attack and 5 in defense. The two wing backs get in a line with the remaining pivot player, this gives an advantage while playing from the back as you can stretch the pitch wide and rotate the ball more efficiently. It becomes more of 2-3-2-3 formation with good equilibrium.

How Aster might fit?

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Well, we discussed what Aster provides on the pitch and how Kompany plays his style. The role which will fit him perfectly, is to partner him with another but a more defensive midfielder in the double pivot. This will allow him to go forward and provide progressive runs. He can provide intensity to the game. His defensive contribution is good enough. His ball retrieving skills and long ball accuracy can easily transition the game into a favourable counter attack. His on-the-ball technique will help in the possession phase of the game as well.

In the nutshell, we can conclude that Burnley are in the right direction. They know what they want, they know their game. Addition of Aster to their rooster will be a great prospect. Hope that they can sign him. Kompany-ball awaits!!

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