Frank Lampard: Chelsea signings show Abramovich still committed

Abhishek Kumar
By Abhishek Kumar
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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has hailed owner Roman Abramovich’s commitment to the club after the club signed Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner and are also linked with other quality players.

The Russian owner Roman Abramovich has been investing heavily in the club to help them reach the level of Manchester City and Liverpool in the coming years. Lampard has now got two big signings who are a huge upgrade on the team. Ziyech and Werner’s transfer have already been confirmed and the Blues are heavy favourites to land Leicester left-wing Ben Chilwell.

“I haven’t spoken to him (Abramovich) recently; I speak to Marina a lot and with Petr,” said Lampard. “We are very joined up and we talk a lot and communication is key in that. When you say that I know the owner very well, in the workplace, to a degree, I do.


“But I also understand what he wants for this club. I played under it, I felt it as a player when he first came here so I get that, and with my conversations with Marina, that’s always relayed.

“I want the same as him. In terms of his commitment, I think he has shown his commitment regularly to our football club.

“We have done some business now that will hopefully improve us for next season and we want to keep moving forward.

“One thing I really realised coming into this job, I was here a long time as a player, but as manager people will consistently ask you about your relationship with the board and the owner etc.

“And I hope that this shows how we’ve worked together, all of us, with how we work, with recruitment, scouting and all playing our roles in trying to bring the right players and being joined up.

“So I think we have to be very positive. This is Chelsea Football Club and we want to close the gap. And signings like Timo and Ziyech are both nice statements.”

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League after a close 2-1 away win at the Villa Park. Leicester played a draw and now the gap between the third-placed and fourth-placed has decreased. The Blues face Manchester City next at home on Friday and will be looking forward to a positive outcome.

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