Former Gunner Aliadiere – Arsenal have to ‘sell’ Aubameyang

Abhishek Kumar
By Abhishek Kumar
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Former Gunners striker Jeremie Aliadiere has said that the club should sell Aubameyang at any cost and it can’t ‘keep on losing players for free’. Aubameyang will have just on year left on his contract after this season.

Various top clubs including the likes of Barcelona and Inter are interested in signing the Gabonese striker. Aubameyang has scored 61 goals for the Gunners so far since joining the club in 2018.

“They’ve got to sell him, 100 per cent,” Aliadiere told Goal.

“Arsenal can’t keep losing players on a free. To be honest, I still can’t believe we’ve again got a top player, our captain, going into the summer only having one year left on his contract.

“For me, it has to be sorted when he gets to two years. Last summer he should have signed a deal or been sold. Because when you get down to one year left, in a player’s mind there is a difference.

“If I was Aubameyang and I knew I only had one year left, I would sacrifice one year of my career to go on a free and get paid a ridiculous amount of money and have all the clubs in the world chasing me. Who wouldn’t?”

The Gunner have faced this problem in the past decade with players like Ozil, Van Persie, Sagna, Sanchez, all were allowed to enter into their final year of the contract.


Last year, Ramsey became a free agent and was signed by Juventus.

The Frenchman added: “That’s why I just think it’s wrong management yet again. It should be sorted at two years. You should not let a player end up with a year left on his contract, especially a player like Aubameyang. It’s not right.

“I just think players are playing on it, they keep letting negotiations drag on and the next thing you know, he’s just got one year left.

“And now, how much are we going to sell him for with one year left? Arsenal are in the worst position you can imagine again because you’ve got a top quality player who assures you of 20-25 Premier League goals a season who is one year away from leaving on a free.

“Or, he gets sold to Barcelona or Real Madrid and for what? How much can you expect for him now? Nothing compared to what if you’d sold him last summer. They could have asked for £100 million ($121m).”

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