Everton sack Marco Silva

Kartik Jain
By Kartik Jain
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Everton sack Marco Silva hours after a thrashing Merseyside derby defeat to Liverpool. Everton could not take the curse of such a huge loss against their biggest footballing rivals and let their 18 month manager free.

The future of Silva will however be decided by the board on Thursday with a subsequent news of David Moyes holding the helm as their interim manager. The 5-2 loss to Liverpool has left Everton to relegation places which particularly cost Silva his job.

Silva has been the manager of Toffees since May 2018 but will not be seen henceforth handling the club. The weekend encounter against Chelsea will see David Moyes taking in charge of a team wanting to swim out of relegation table. Moyes’ entry as an interim manager is highly likely and not certain.

The former Everton manager has received a negative reaction from the supporters and if the board ignores the view of their fans, Moyes will be back. Moyes may have led the club for 11 years in past but his decision to sign for United has been disapproved of by the fans.

The history of Moyes as a manager has been unhappy. The manager was sacked wherever he went, be it Manchester United or Real Socieded. He also took Sunderland into a relegation spot and out of the Premier League during his reign there.

If Silva is sacked, he would be the fourth man to suffer that fate since Moshiri bought a share in Everton in February 2016, following Roberto Martinez, Koeman and Sam Allardyce.

The stats of Everton has gone from bad to worse and David Moyes is not the right man to clear the blues of Everton.

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